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Dr. Susan Blumenthal to speak at inaugural Bernadine Healy Lectureship

Susan J. Blumenthal, MD, MPA, Former Assistant Surgeon General Rear Admiral, USPHS will be the guest lecturer at the inaugural Bernadine Healy Lectureship on Wednesday, October 15, 2014. Dr. Blumenthal will present “The Past, Present and Future of ...[Read More]
Published: Oct-01-14
Tags: Education, Research, Student Life

In Pro Baseball Pitchers, Weak Core Linked to More Missed Days

Study examines tilt in pelvis and injury-related absences​ COLUMBUS, Ohio – New research suggests that professional baseball pitchers with poor core stability are more likely to miss 30 or more days in a single season because of injury than are pit ...[Read More]
Published: Sep-19-14

Keeping Surgery Patients Asleep—Safely

Anesthesiologists—the medicos who make sure surgery patients sleep and wake up safely—take professional development courses every ten years to maintain their certification by the American Board of Anesthesiology (ABA). A new course offered by the Co ...[Read More]
Published: Sep-15-14
Tags: Education, Curriculum, Technology

Genetic Counseling: A New Master’s Offering

Ohio State now offers a two-year master’s degree in the expanding field of genetic counseling—a field that has grown by 400 percent since 1992. Using medical and family histories, genetic counselors assess disease risk, and help people understand an ...[Read More]
Published: Sep-15-14
Tags: Curriculum