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Clear Health Communication

"Not knowing how to read feels like being blind, ignorant, not able to understand or ask people. I feel embarrassed to tell the doctor I cannot understand." -  Anonymous Patient

Health literacy is the degree to which people can understand basic health information and services they need to make appropriate health decisions, including:

  • Reading an appointment slip
  • Interpreting prescription information
  • Understanding recommendations for health care
  • Completing health insurance applications
  • Understanding informed consent

The goals of The Ohio State University Clear Health Communication Program are:

  • To raise awareness in Ohio that health literacy is an important public health and health care issue
  • To present information that connects health literacy issues and strategies to the goals of Healthy People 2010
  • To explore various strategies and collaborations necessary in addressing these issues statewide
  • To build capacity within Ohio for addressing health literacy issues
  • To complement current health literacy initiatives and research in Ohio and to link the seven Ohio regional Area Health Education Centers and programs with other health-related entities to address this problem statewide
  • To develop a program model that addresses health literacy issues on a statewide basis