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Fellowship in Clinical Bioethics

In July 2013 The OSU Center for Bioethics became the home for a one-year clinical ethics fellowship. The fellowship is currently focused on future physician leaders in clinical ethics but is open to non-physicians as well. The fellowship strives to meet competencies as described by organizations such as the American Association of Bioethics and Humanities as well as the Association of Bioethics Program Directors. The fellowship is a minimum of a half-time commitment.

2019-2020 Fellow
Jason Chen, PhD

2018-2019 Fellow
Nicole Shirilla, MD

2017-2018 Fellows
Seuli Brill, MD
Gergory A. Otterson, MD

2016-2017 Fellow
Pedro Weisleder, MD, PhD
2015-2016 Fellows
Stephanie Fabbro, MD
Courtney Thiele, JD, MA
Sheria Wilson, MD

2014-2015 Fellow
Asma Mobin-Uddin, MD

2013-2014 Fellows
Elmahdi A. Elkhammas, MD
Britton Rink, MD, MS
Matthew S. Vest, MA, PhD