In pursuit of practical implementation for tissue engineering technology, The Ohio State University has lent its expertise to BioFabUSA—ARMI as part of a far-reaching public-private partnership that will breathe life into the development, manufacturing and teaching of cell- and tissue-based technologies.

The College of Medicine through the Center for Regenerative Medicine and Cell-Based Therapy in collaboration with the College of Engineering through the Center for Design and Manufacturing are supporting Ohio State’s membership in BioFabUSA—ARMI and the overall mission of bringing together cross-disciplinary teams to solve basic science and translational challenges in regenerative medicine.

The Potential to Treat a Plethora of Health Challenges

BioFabUSA—ARMI, located in Manchester, New Hampshire, is one of 14 US Department of Commerce Manufacturing Innovation Institutes, specializing in regenerative medicine and giving the industry a way to turn laboratory breakthroughs into manufactured products. The company has been awarded $80 million, of which a significant portion will contribute to projects aimed at developing broadly applicable technologies that can create tissues and eventually institute standardized industry practices.

From the start of the field of biofabrication approximately 20 years ago, it was envisioned that whole organs would be generated. However, that is not yet possible. By studying embryoids, organoids and tumoroids, researchers have already made impressive contributions to the understanding of normal growth and development in embryos, children and adults. A generation of functional tissues for basic study of regenerative medicine now seems attainable.

According to a journal article entitled “Biofabrication: reappraising the definition of an evolving field,” the process of biofabrication in regenerative medicine involves placing biocompatible materials inside of a living component, potentially beneficial if the implanted cells turn into a functional tissue equivalent.

An Interdisciplinary Partnership Can Lead to Innovation

Ohio State’s membership in BioFabUSA—ARMI allows Ohio State faculty to receive awards through the next Project Call. Following the BioFabUSA—ARMI Spring Summit, information about the next awards cycle is provided online and at two “Proposers Workshops” at the Ohio State campus. The second “Proposers Workshop” is planned for October 19, 2019, when BioFabUSA—ARMI personnel will be at Ohio State as sponsors of an international conference on biofabrication.

BioFabUSA—ARMI’s willingness to collaborate with several Ohio State centers along with its participation in Biofabrication 2019 clearly shows the company’s dedication to addressing critical public health needs. Through discussion of healthcare solutions in varying stages of development, the university can take its research farther than ever before with the resources available through its new partner.

To learn more about the “Proposers Workshops,” check the Center for Regenerative Medicine and Cell-Based Therapy website within the next few months or contact David Dean (the OSU BioFabUSA—ARMI Technical Point of Contact).

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