Department: Plastic Surgery

Primary contact: Irene Kaptsan

Preferred method of Contact: Email

Research Description: Departmental Video 

Specific areas of Research Emphasis: Plastic Surgery, Various

Name: David Dean


Department: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Lab Manager/Dept Contact: Athena Zhang, MD

Lab Manager/Dept Contact Email:

Preferred method of Contact: Email

Previous Mentoring: Yes (funded)

Research Description: Current research projects involve 3D CT-based virtual surgical planning (VSP) that includes the design and fabrication of surgical guides and regenerative/restorative implants for surgical reconstruction of the skeleton. Skeletal reconstruction implants include personalized, 3D printed, metal skeletal fixation devices. Indeed, a new NSF Engineering Research Center grants supports the lab's research on the Point-of-Care Manufacturing of personalized medical devices for skeletal reconstructive surgery. We currently have active or planned rat cranial, rabbit mandibular,
and sheep mandibular surgical models. Research opportunities include working with the OSU medical center surgeons who are conducting these surgical studies. The lab also studies materials for use in restorative devices, including tissue engineering approaches to bone and bone vasculature restoration.  
We will train. However, experience in Computer Aided Design, 3D printing, cell culture, animal models, or biofabrication are all welcome.

Specific areas of Research Emphasis: Cancer therapy, Tissue Repair and Regeneration, Trauma

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