Name: Michael Knopp


Department: Radiology

Lab Manager/Dept Contact: Melanie Hughes

Lab Manager/Dept Contact Email:

Lab Manager/Dept Contact Phone: 614-293-9998

Preferred Method of Contact: Faculty Email; Lab Manager/Dept Contact Email

Previous Mentoring: Yes (funded)

Category of research: Clinical; Translational

Research Description: The research activities are focusing on using advanced magnetic resonance, positron emission tomography and computed tomography to assess structural, functional and molecular information to detect diseases as well as monitor response to therapeutic intervention. The research focuses on translation of technical developments into clinical trials and patient care with an emphasis on oncology, neuroscience and musculoskeletal applications. Research projects are designed around clinical questions associated with trials or ongoing patient care as well as imaging analytics. The environment comprises a large team of faculty, research scientists, post docs, graduate and undergraduate students.

Specific areas of Research Emphasis: Biomedical Informatics; Radiology & Imaging Research; Neuroscience

Name: Terence Williams


Department: Radiology/Radiation Oncology

Name of Lab Manager/Assistant/Department Contact: Ryan Robb

Lab Manager/Assistant/Department Contact Phone: 614-685-6402

Lab Manager/Assistant/Department Contact Email:

Preferred Method of Contact: Faculty email

Previous Mentoring: Yes (funded)

Category of Research: Translational

Research Description: Dr. Williams’ laboratory focuses on DNA damage response pathways and novel mechanisms of chemo- or radiosensitization. In particular, the lab is focused on the molecular biology and genetics which govern response to treatment, particularly with chemotherapy and radiation. Knowledge of the genetics and molecular biology prior to treatment, and the manner in which activation of these biologic pathways changes after treatment, could potentially lead to identification of predictive biomarkers of response to therapy, or identify novel resistance pathways which could then be targeted. Thus, the goals of current projects in the lab to identify novel biomarkers of response to genotoxic therapy (including radiation) in combination with other therapies, including chemotherapy or molecularly-targeted agents. Research is specifically centered in the study of gastrointestinal (pancreatic, esophageal, colorectal, and hepatobiliary) and lung cancers, using pre-clinical modeling, with the goal of translating findings from pre-clinical studies to clinical trials to improve therapeutic efficacy, or develop prognostic/predictive signatures.

Specific areas of Research Emphasis: Cancer Biology; Cancer Therapy


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