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Current Scholars


Name: Julie Dillard, MD

Medical School: University of Pittsburgh

Research Focus: The regulation of pulmonary vascular PDE3 by the NO pathway 

Research Mentor: Bernadette Chen, MD

Department: Pediatrics 

Matriculation Date: Summer 2018​

Derrick photo for web.jpgName: Derrick Herman MD

Medical School: University of Cincinnati

Research Focus: Innate Immunity and the Role of IL-1 Receptor-Associated Kinase-M in Ozone-Induced Airway Disease 

Research Mentor: Megan Ballinger, PhD

Department: Internal Medicine   

Matriculation Date: Spring 2017

Pandya_Lopa.jpg Name: Lopa Pandya MD

Medical School: University of Chicago

Research Focus: Population studies and quality of life studies in Urogynecology

Research Mentor: Courtney Lynch, PhD

Department: Obstetrics/Gynecology & Pediatrics   

Matriculation Date: Spring 2017 

Picture2.jpgName: Leeann Pavlek MD

Medical School: NEast Ohio Medical University

Research Focus: Assessing the impact of maternal inflammation and postnatal hyperoxia on heart development.

Research Mentor: Lynette Rogers, PhD

Department:  Pediatrics 

Matriculation Date: Summer 2018