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MMSP Admission and Program

Admission Requirements:

  • Applicants must hold an MD or DO degree and hold a current clinical fellowship or residency position (or be accepted into a fellowship or residency program that begins prior to matriculation into the MMS Program)
  • Applicants must have the explicit and direct endorsement of the program director and chair for trainees from the applicant's fellowship or residency program.

Program Requirements:

  • Minimum 30 credit hours
    • Maximum 10 credit hours/seme​ster (maximum allowed for university benefit)
    • Program to cover one-two academic years (minimum 3 semesters) with “in class” time limited to three semesters
    • Complete within five years from the date of matriculation into the program
  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA in all coursework.
  • Student submits a proposed course of study to Graduate Studies Committee for approval.
  • Student submits a paper, abstract, or poster for presentation at a state, regional or national meeting or submit a paper or abstract for publication.
  • Student presents their “submission” (see previous item) to the Graduate Studies Committee and his/her advisor prior to program completion​.

*Please contact the Program Manager BEFORE submitting an application to the Graduate School