Careers in Medicine is a website designed by the AAMC to assist medical students in making informed career decisions. In addition, the site allows students to keep an ongoing record of personal assessments to reflect how personal preferences and influences may change as they progress through medical school. The decision-making process consists of four steps designed to approximately follow the four years in medical school.

Understanding Yourself–Med 1

  • You will find carefully researched assessment tools to help you determine who you are and where you stand in your specialty-selection process.
  • Other exercises will examine even more factors that influence your specialty choice.
  • Attend Career Week presentations and events.
  • Dr. Lynn's presentation on Choosing a Career in Medicine, TBD, 160 Meiling Hall.
  • Presentation on Career in Medicine Tips and Resources, TBD, 160 Meiling Hall.

Exploring Options–Med 2 and Early Med 3

  • The specialty pages are an invaluable source of information regarding specialties and subspecialties.
  • Other useful reports and suggestions will help guide students who want to organize their specialty selections.
  • Med 3 Basics: Tips and strategies to navigate your transition into Med 3.

Choosing a Specialty–Med 3 and Early Med 4

  • Tools and exercises in this section aid students in making a final specialty selection.
  • Students will begin to assess residency programs at this stage.

Getting into Residency

  • A step-by-step guide supplements a student’s application through the match process.
  • This section also offers suggestions for transition into residency.

The Careers in Medicine website offers an excellent timeline to help students prepare for the residency selection process. If you would like assistance in using the website or need your AAMC number, please contact Barbara Ferguson.

View a short AAMC motion-graphic which explains the growing shortage of residency positions for medical school graduates.