The Ohio State College of Medicine has as a core value a climate of mutual respect in the teaching and learning environment. It is committed to promoting a mistreatment-free environment for all students, staff, volunteers, and physicians. The college maintains its commitment to prevent student mistreatment through education by providing support for victims and responding with corrective action. In this way, the college assures an educational environment in which students, staff, volunteers, and physicians may raise and resolve issues without fear of intimidation or retaliation. The college is committed to investigating all cases of mistreatment in a prompt, sensitive, confidential, and objective manner.

The student mistreatment policy and mechanisms for reporting are detailed in Section 13 of the OSU Medical Student Handbook.

Reports through this website will be delivered to Dr. Joanne Lynn, associate dean for student life, (614) 685-3059 for investigation.

For students wishing to report anonymously, the name, email and phone number fields are optional.