Our innovative curriculum, world-class research and unsurpassed patient care make us one of the top medical schools in the country. Find out why you should be here.

Our Mission

The Ohio State University College of Medicine seeks to recruit self-directed learners who are driven to become empathetic physicians providing evidence-based, compassionate medical care. Diversity is central to our academic medical center mission and serves as a driver of institutional excellence. We seek to assemble a class that consists of diverse backgrounds, thoughtful, strong intellect and has the passion and potential to improve people’s lives through innovation in research, education, and community service. 

OSU Seal

World-Renowned Institution

For more than 100 years, The Ohio State University College of Medicine has combined innovative medical education with cutting-edge research and science-based patient care. With 2,000-plus faculty members, the college includes 19 clinical departments, seven basic science departments and the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished and our impact on the changing face of medicine. Our leaders have charted a course for the future as we continually evolve to meet ever-changing demands in medicine.


Modern Curriculum

As medicine continues to advance and evolve, so must our curriculum to keep pace and better serve patients. That’s the purpose of the groundbreaking Lead, Serve, Inspire (LSI) MD curriculum, a three-part, four-year program that fully integrates foundational science learning in the classroom with longitudinal early clinical experiences in the first year. This curriculum has informed and impacted the curriculum across the medical campus in other areas as well, including our MSTP program and all courses of study in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.


World-Class Research

In the past year alone, our researchers obtained funding totaling $269 million. Ohio State’s commitment to research is unparalleled, as is shown by our investment in current and future medical research facilities. We offer numerous opportunities for medical and graduate students to conduct research, and our varied postdoctoral research opportunities bring promising researchers from across the globe to our campus. This is a place where innovations connect students and faculty from colleges across campus, from engineering to business.


Campus Life and Culture

We offer our medical and graduate students a rich and diverse campus experience with almost unlimited opportunities to personalize their education and career paths. Our focus on community service, both here and around the globe, connects students with the larger community to enhance their medical and patient interaction skills. We recognize the importance of having a good balance between school, work and life. Our students and faculty love living in Columbus. It's vibrant, diverse and 14th largest city in the U.S.


We Value Diversity

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is seen through our many programs designed to level the playing field. Implicit bias training addresses the unconscious bias that impacts admission and training of students from certain racial and gender groups. Our MEDPATH program seeks to increase the number of underrepresented medical students from educationally and socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds. And the unique ASPIRE program provides early research experience for post-baccalaureate students from underrepresented and disadvantaged groups who want to pursue medicine and research.


Investment in the Future

As medicine continues to evolve, we constantly seek ways to keep pace and anticipate challenges in the future. That’s why we’ve made a $3 billion investment in our strategic plan, a multi-faceted approach to growth in research, education and culture, among other areas. The plan calls for infill of open sites and renewal of earlier facilities, and improved space, increased density and reduced energy and infrastructure costs. The medical school of the future is well underway.