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Office of Outreach and Engagement

At Ohio State, "outreach and engagement" is defined as meaningful and mutally beneficial collaborations with partners outside the academic community.  This may include partners such as those in education, business, and public and social service.

"Outreach and engagement" is -
That aspect of teaching that enables learning beyond the campus walls
That apect of research that makes what we discover useful beyond the academic community
That aspect of service that directly benefits the public

The College of Medicine Office of Outreach and Engagement exists to develop and support academic programs and service learning projects that connect health sciences faculty, staff and students to the campus community.

The office’s three main initiatives include the following, all of which reach out to community physicians, hospitals and other healthcare organizations in more than 30 counties throughout Ohio.

Thanks to the commitment of the staff and other resources dedicated to community partnerships, the outreach and engagement office has improved patient care in underserved areas while providing unique training opportunities in locations where medical attention is needed the most.