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Welcome to The Ohio State University College of Medicine, Department Cancer Biology and Genetics Website. Please browse our website for information on our faculty, research, and graduate programs among other related topics.

The department of Cancer Biology and Genetics was established in 1968 as one of six basic science departments in the OSU College of Medicine (COM).

The mission of the Department of Cancer Biology and Genetics is threefold: to conduct research in basic and applied microbiology, immunology, and genetics for the purposes of understanding the mechanisms of disease initiation and progression as well as the mechanisms involved in the control of disease processes, to train graduate, post-graduate and professional students in the disciplines of microbiology, immunology and genetics, and to provide professional service for the general benefit of the life science community and society as it relates to faculty expertise.

The research mission of the department is for faculty to engage in basic, translational, or applied research that will generate new knowledge pertinent to their professional discipline. Faculty will be responsible for the funding of their research programs through grant support, patent royalties or other mechanisms, and will disseminate knowledge acquired from their research through timely publication and other scholarly endeavors. An important part of the research mission of the Department is the instruction of undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate, and professional students in the conduct and methodology of research.

The educational mission is to strive for excellence in the didactic teaching of basic and applied aspects of microbiology, immunology, and genetics to graduate and professional students. The graduate education mission encompasses research training of Masters and Ph.D. students, i.e., providing experienced mentors, state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and curricula which will prepare students for careers in contemporary microbiology, immunology, genetics and other related fields.

The service mission is to provide professional service through dissemination of knowledge to the biomedical community and to the citizens of Ohio. Professional service also involves service rendered to national agencies in the areas of grant reviewing, journal reviewing, and service to professional societies.​​​​​