Agbloyor Joins Center for Bioethics as Clinical Bioethics Fellow, Freeman Looks to Future as Ethics Leader in Dayton

By: Maysa Redissi
July 21, 2023

EsimeThe Center for Bioethics welcomed Esime Agbloyor, MBChB as its newest Clinical Bioethics Fellow on July 1, 2023. Esime joins the Center as a recent Master of Bioethics graduate from Johns Hopkins University. Prior to that, she earned her medical degree (MBChB) from the University of Ghana Medical School. Dr. Agbloyor brings a unique blend of medical expertise and ethical insights to the fellowship. With three years of experience as a practicing physician, she has firsthand knowledge of the challenges and dilemmas physicians face in the field. Her exposure to ethical dilemmas related to resource scarcities during her time in Ghana left a profound impact on her; in particular, she remembers a difficult decision regarding the allocation of scarce life-support technology among patients. The ethical implications and challenges of healthcare resource access in such scenarios continue to resonate with her.

Discovering OSU’s Clinical Bioethics Fellowship was a significant turning point, says Agbloyor. It was her advisor who introduced her to the opportunity, which she saw as aligning perfectly with her goals and aspirations. She envisions herself becoming a leader in educating healthcare providers about ethical practices in healthcare. She firmly believes in the importance of mindful ethical application in everyday medical practice. As she says, "Ethics is so useful to clinical practice; it can only help [your practice].” Agbloyor has already begun serving on the clinical bioethics consultation service and conducting research alongside Dr. Dónal O’Mathúna focusing on medical resource allocation and the ethics of healthcare in disaster areas. Additionally, she has a keen interest in exploring the ethical practices of palliative care and looks forward to exploring it further during her fellowship year.

Dr. Nicole Shirilla, Director of the Bioethics Fellowship, says, “We are thrilled to have Dr. Esime Agbloyor as our clinical ethics fellow for this year. She is an extremely intelligent, dedicated and passionate person and physician, eager to expand her expertise and education into the realm of clinical ethics. We are delighted to have her with us this year and look forward to watching her grow in this capacity!”

Graduating Fellow Looks Forward to Future

Tim FreemanWith the new academic year, the Center said also farewell to its 2022-2023 Clinical Bioethics Fellow, Tim Freeman, MD. Freeman reflected on his experience by sharing his favorite quote, which he says perfectly encapsulates his journey: "The role of a bioethicist is to educate oneself through the experience of the job." Though Freeman’s time as a fellow has ended, he will continue to be part of the Center as a student in the MA in Bioethics program.

Freeman earned his medical degree from Wright State University and then worked for a decade as a pediatrician at Dayton Children's Hospital. Inspired by his medical school mentor, Dr. Ashley Fernandes, a faculty member at OSU, Freeman recognized the significance of bioethics in clinical settings and felt compelled to address the disparities within this field. It was during this exploration that he discovered the fellowship at Ohio State—an opportunity he embraced to gain valuable experience and applicable knowledge for teaching.

While Freeman envisions returning to clinical practice, he also has “a multitude of dreams and aspirations” for bioethics. As he departs OSU, he embarks on his journey to become a bioethics consultant for local hospitals in the Dayton community, with the goal of establishing a bioethics program in the area. A priority for him is ensuring that bioethics consultations are accessible to all within hospital settings, especially vulnerable populations. Additionally, he plans to impart his knowledge and expertise to future generations by returning to his alma mater, Wright State University, as an educator in bioethics. Freeman also is thrilled to join the Dayton Montgomery County Public Health Ethics board, where he can contribute his unique insights and make a lasting impact on public health.

About the Clinical Bioethics Fellowship

The Clinical Bioethics Fellowship is a one-year postdoctoral program designed to provide intensive training for individuals seeking to do bedside clinical ethics under expert supervision. Fellows participate in clinical consultations, attend ethics committee meetings, take graduate level coursework, and have opportunities for research or service projects. The fellowship is currently focused on training future physician leaders in clinical ethics but is open to non-physicians as well. For more information, please visit


Author Bio:
Maysa Redissi is a fourth-year undergraduate student at The Ohio State University. They are studying biology with a minor in bioethics, and they hope to continue their studies in public health and bioethics law.