At Ohio State, you have the support and resources that can help you find balance and achieve your personal and professional goals. Within the Masters in Applied Neuroscience Program, you can choose between a research or education track. Our core didactic curriculum will provide advanced knowledge of the organization and function of the nervous system and how it relates to disease processes. This will provide you with the advanced level knowledge and practical skills in neuroscience that are essential for practicing professionals.

Choose between an Education or Research Track

Required Curriculum


Students in both tracks may take additional electives that will provide training that meets their specific career goals. 

  • Neuroscience 7200.01: Neuroscience Laboratory 
  • Biology 6001: College Biology Teaching
  • EDUCST 7406: Course Design for Higher Education
  • ESEPSY 7404: College Teaching
  • BMI 5710 - Introduction to Biomedical Informatics 


The Department of Neuroscience's faculty members are experienced mentors and provide support as needed in the forms of tutoring and one-on-one counseling. 

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