VirtualTour2_largeThe College of Medicine’s virtual tours are delivered by 245 different voices to create as personal an experience as possible, and interactive visuals allow visitors to immerse themselves in different medical center facilities. Detailed descriptions of individual graduate programs further enrich the experience.

“Since these are educational programs, we certainly wanted to highlight some of our educational resources, whether it was simulation areas or areas for didactic and other educational opportunities,” explains Scott Holliday, MD, associate dean for Ohio State’s Graduate Medical Education. “But to also get a sense of how our space lends itself to quality care and lends itself to paying attention to the patients and the patients’ needs. We wanted to highlight those features of our facilities. The other piece was to really focus on how the individual trainees within those programs integrate into that space.”

The Department of Surgery continued this innovative approach to distance recruiting by conducting all prospective resident interviews remotely.

Experience three individual tours that were created for the Department of Surgery: