Meet Ohio State's team of pediatric surgery experts

Our nationally recognized team includes 15 pediatric surgeons, five of whom are also certified in surgical critical care, one full-time PhD scientist and one hospitalist, who specializes in burn and trauma care.

Our Leaders


Gail Besner, MD

Director, Division of Pediatric Surgery

H. William Clatworthy Professor of Pediatric Surgery

Dr. Gail Besner's primary research began in 1990 with the identification of the growth factor "heparin-binding EGF-like growth factor" (HB-EGF). The long range goal of this research is to determine whether or not HB-EGF could be used in therapies to protect and treat intestinal damage in high-risk neonates. Her studies have shown that HB-EGF's anti-inflammatory effects and chemical properties play a vital role in the regenerating of intestinal cells after they have been damaged.

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Oluyinka Olutoye, MD, PhD

Oluyinka O. Olutoye, MD, PhD

Surgeon in Chief, Nationwide Children's Hospital

E. Thomas Boles Jr. Professor of Surgery

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Christopher Breuer, MD

Deputy Vice Chair for Research

Professor of Pediatric Surgery

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Our People

Our People