Are you interested in helping train the next generation of physicians? As a LP Preceptor, you have the opportunity to provide mentorship and training to medical students in a clinical setting. 

Students will begin in the ambulatory practices in October, and we expect them to work closely with the Nurse or Medical Assistant for the first two sessions.  As the student’s progress in learning, we expect them to work more closely with the physician preceptors.  It’s important to create opportunities for them to practice and hone their history and physical exam skills on normal patients. 

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Student learning goals of Longitudinal Practice

  • Identify the importance of a personal clinician for the health of the patient
  • Learn about office flow, procedures and facilitating patient care
  • Apply knowledge and practice skills students have learned
  • Practice the team approach to patient care and identify its importance in achieving successful health care outcomes

Faculty Appointment Process

All preceptors are appointed as adjunct professors in the Department of Biomedical Education and Anatomy. We will request your CV prior to starting the program to initiate this process. If you desire an appointment in your specialty area, we can help coordinate that as well.  

Time Commitment

As a LP Preceptor, you can anticipate dedicating approximately 80 hours over the course of two years as a mentor. You can view a sample LP calendar here.

  • The Longitudinal Practice experience runs from October of Year 1 through the end of February of Year 2
  • Student attends one half-day (four hours) approximately every other week
  • You select the afternoon that best fits your schedule
  • In Year 1, students will complete 10 half-day sessions
  • In Year 2, students will also complete 11 half-day sessions

Resources for LP Preceptors

  • Teaching notes will be sent via email at the beginning of each curricular block and will incorporate expected objectives and teaching resources.  
    • All teaching notes and resources may also be accessed on this LP Preceptor website.
  • Resource or "Huddle" cards are provided for students at the beginning of each block to facilitate communication between students and preceptors.
    • The student and faculty should meet at the beginning of each session and mutually establish which goals the student will accomplish at each session.
  • Along with our teaching notes, we include additional resources pertinent to the students’ current curriculum, including physical exam checklists, instructional videos, and other tools to help with teaching.  These are also accessible on the LP website.

Preceptor Benefits

We sincerely appreciate all that the Longitudinal Preceptors do for our students.  Each of you, regardless of your hospital affiliation, including faculty from Nationwide Children's Hospital, has an appointment within the College of Medicine and an Ohio State email address.  Please contact Diana Bahner if you need help locating your username and password.

As a small token of our gratitude, we have compiled resources that you, as an Ohio State faculty member, have free access to along with the option of obtaining free CME. Additional benefits can be found below: