11th Avenue; Suite 5000 Columbus, OH

Academic/Clinical Roles

I have academic and clinical interests in critical care and sarcoidosis.

Education and Training

Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellowship: Ohio State University 1992-1995
Internal Medicine Internship/Residency: Ohio State University 1989-1992
Medical School/degree: University of Toledo, MD 1989
Undergraduate/degree: Oberlin College, BA 1983.

Research Interests

Critical Care Research themes:

  • Mitochondrial mechanisms of organ failure during sepsis
  • Biomarkers for the early detection of sepsis in the hospital setting; particularly the monocyte distribution width (MDW), FDA approved (2020) for the detection of sepsis in adults admitted to the Emergency Department
  • Sarcoidosis Research themes:

  • Genomic studies of granulomas to determine disease mechanisms and to identify novel therapeutic targets
  • Clinical practice guidelines for the diagnosis and management of sarcoidosis
  • We established the first tractable laboratory disease model

    Current Research Themes

  • We are establishing novel biomarkers for early sepsis detection based on machine learning and employing the electronic medical record in conjunction with the US Government and FDA
  • We are investigating novel therapies for COVID-induced acute lung injury
  • We are conducting translational research in the field of pulmonary sarcoidosis to elicit disease mechanisms, establish novel biomarkers and to investigate novel therapies.
  • Honors, Awards, Appointments

    • AOA, 1989
    • Professor of Medicine with Tenure, 2016
    • Star Research Awards, Society of Critical Care Medicine: 2017, 2019
    • Chair, Scientific Advisory Board; Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research 2021
    • President, Americas Association of Sarcoidosis and Other Granulomatous Disorders (AASOG) 2018-2020
    • Chair, American Thoracic Society Official Clinical Practice Guidelines for Sarcoidosis: 2017-2020
    • Chair, Internal Medicine Section (>4000 members); Society of Critical Care Medicine: 2019-2021

    Active Funding

    NIH/NIAID/UO1; 2022-2026: Supplemental Citacoline Administration for Reducton of Lung Injury Efficacy Trial (SCARLET). Multi-PIs- Crouser, Davis

    Health and Human Services/BARDA/Beckman Coulter; 2020-2025: Sepsis Early Warning Algorithm. PI-Crouser

    (pending) NIH/NIAID/R21; 12/2022-11/2024: Role of Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System during sarcoidosis granuloma formation. PI- Crouser (impact score 17; pay line 2022 = impact score 28)

    (pending) NIH/NHLBI/RO1: Molecular Characterization of Progressive Pulmonary Sarcoidosis. Multi-PIs: Crouser, Maier, Bhargava (Percentile score 15; payline 2022 = 15%)

    Industry Research Contracts using Dr. Crouser’s proprietary in vitro sarcoidosis model to identify novel therapeutic targets, biomarkers and related disease mechanisms:

  • aTyr Pharmaceutical
  • Xentria Pharmaceutical
  • Star-Therapeutics Pharmaceutical
  • 23 & ME
  • Palleon Pharmaceutical
  • Publications

    Sarcoidosis Related:

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    Sepsis Related:

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