Narasimham Parinandi

Associate Professor
Research & Teaching

5180-Graves Hall & 5139-Optometry Clinic, OSU Wexner Medical Center
5130-Graves Hall, OSU Wexner Medical Center;
(614) 292-8577

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Teaching, Mentoring, and Research Interests

Teaching & Mentoring: Teaches wide variety of topics in Life Sciences and Biochemistry and Environmental Sciences. Passionate and committed to mentor undergraduate and graduate students on independent projects in fundamental research in Biological Sciences and Biochemistry.

Research: Biochemistry & Toxicology; Lipidomics of Phospholipases and Bioactive Lipids; Lipid Signaling in Regulation of Secretory Phenomena; Heavy Metal and Lipid Bilayer Interactions; Oxidized Lipidome; Translational Lipidomics of Chronic Diseases; Analytical Biochemistry; Methods of Teaching and Mentoring Research.

Research Interests

Oxidant Lipid Signaling; Vascular Biology; Phospholipases A2 and D; Analytical Lipidomics; Oxidative Stress; Bioinorganic Chemistry

Current Research:
Phospholipase A2 and D regulation in Lung Vascular Endothelium and Epithelium; Membrane Lipid Dynamics; Oxidative Lipidomics of Eicosanoids and Oxidized PUFA; Redox Antioxidant Biochemistry in Lung Damage; Heavy Metal Toxicology

Active Funding

  1. R01: 64000015; (PI: Jodi McDaniel); Role: Co-I (Parinandi: 10% FTE)
    NIH/National Institute on Aging
    09/30/2018 - 03/31/2024
    Total amount awarded: $ 3,331,920.00
    Impact of Omega-3 Fatty Acid Oral Therapy on Healing of Chronic Venous Leg Ulcers in Older Adults.
    This project investigates the role of omega-3 fatty acids in healing of wounds in human subjects.
  2. R01: 1 R01 AI154553-01 (PI: Amal Amer); Role: Co-I (Parinandi: 5% effort)
    Award period: from 12/01/2020 to 11/30/2025
    Total amount awarded: $ 3,030,911.00
    The Inflammasome and host-Legionella interaction.
    The goal of this project and my role is to investigate the cytoskeletal rearrangement and the ECIS behavior of the macrophages under Legionella infection.

Education and Training

  • University of Berhampur, India B.Sc.(Hons) 1971-75 Chem/Botany/Zoology/English Literature
  • University of Berhampur, India M.Sc. 1975-77 Botany – Environ. Biol.
  • University of Andhra, India Post-Grad 1977-80 Environmental Sciences
  • University of Toledo, Toledo, OH Ph.D. 1980-86 Biology - Toxicology
  • University of Minnesota, Hormel Institute, MN Post-Doc 1986-90 Lipid Biochemistry
  • Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD Res Assoc1998-02 Oxidant Lipid Signaling

Honors and Awards

  • 2009 Distinguished Undergraduate Research Mentor, The Oho State University Denman Undergraduate Research Forum, Columbus, OH
  • 2008 Distinguished Mentor Award, Davis Heart & Lung Research Institute, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, Columbus, OH
  • 2012 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 2012 Honorable Mention in Scientific & Technological Achievement Award Competition for Research Publication, “Vascular and Cardiac Impairments in Rats Inhaling Ozone and Diesel Exhaust Particles” in Environmental Health Perspectives.
  • 1998 Recognition by the American Chemical Society (ACS), Columbus Chapter, Columbus, OH
  • 1997 Recognition by the Chemical Abstracts Service for launching SciFinder, Columbus, OH
  • 1986 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, Department of Biology, University of Toledo, OH
  • 1977 University Gold Medal for scoring highest GPA in the M.S. program, University of Berhampur, India
  • 1975-77 National Merit Scholarship, Govt. of India, University of Berhampur, India

Select Publications

(list of high impact pubs out of 130)

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