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Associate Professor- Clinical


Dr. Pierson is board certified in Anatomic Pathology and Neuropathology and is apracticing neuropathologist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. His primary clinical interests include the neuropathological complications of premature birth, congenital malformations of the central nervous system, pediatric neuromuscular disease, pediatric brain tumors and the neurosurgical pathology of epilepsy. Dr. Pierson is actively involved in Children’s Oncology Group and is a central neuropathology reviewer for clinical trials. Dr. Pierson has taught neuroanatomy to medical, dental and graduate students in various capacities for over 12 years. His education-related interests include curriculum renewal and development and the roles of education leadership in these endeavors. Incorporating technology into the classroom and student centered learning environments are additional education-related interests.

Research Interests

Dr. Pierson’s research in Children’s Oncology Group concerns the application and correlation of brain tumor molecular alterations and histopathology with patient outcome and therapy response. Dr. Pierson served as a neuropathologist for multiple brain tumor projects within The Cancer Genome Atlas initiative. Additional collaborative research efforts include the preclinical evaluation of oncolytic viral therapy in pediatric brain tumors and correlating perinatal brain MRI findings with the underlying the neuropathology. Other areas of research include the neuropathology of cerebellar hemorrhage and congenital myopathies, especially the centronuclear myopathies. His scholarly work in medical education is focused on curriculum development and renewal.

Education and Training

MD, Wayne State University School of Medicine

PhD, Wayne State University School of Medicine

BS, Microbiology, Michigan State University


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