Han_Xue_720x720Assistant Professor, Microbial Infection and Immunity

586 Biomedical Research Tower (BRT)
460 W 12th Ave, Columbus OH 43210

Membership:  Pelotonia Institute for Immuno-Oncology

Research Interests

The main research interests of the Han Lab are to 1) study new mechanisms of immune escape in solid tumors and hematologic malignancies; 2) identify novel immunomodulatory pathways and their applications to treat cancer, inflammation, and autoimmune diseases; 3) understand the mechanisms of immune-related adverse events caused by cancer immunotherapy. Her current research is focusing on PD-1H (VISTA), a newly identified immune check point molecule, to study the mechanisms of how this pathway modulates anti-cancer immunity and controls autoimmune responses and to develop new therapeutic methods in mouse cancer and immune-related disease models. She is also putting big efforts in translating her studies into clinic.

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560A Biomedical Research Tower (BRT)
460 W 12th Ave, Columbus OH 43210


Miranda McDonald, Research Assistant, miranda.mcdonald@osumc.edu
Narendran Reguraman, PhD, Post Doctoral Scholar, narendran.reguraman@osumc.edu
Jun Wang, PhD, Post Doctoral Scholar, jun.wang@osumc.edu
Yuangui Chen, MD, PhD, Visiting Scholar, yuangui.chen@osumc.edu