Lenz_Kathryn_460x460Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology
Mentor Faculty

45 Psychology Building
1835 Neil Avenue
Columbus, OH  43210

Current Research

Dr. Lenz’s laboratory aims to understand the mechanisms that shape brain development and lifelong behavior, with a focus on the interactions between nervous, endocrine and immune systems. They investigate how steroid hormones and innate immune cells in the brain, such as microglia and mast cells, contribute to normal brain development and sex differences in the brain.

Additionally, they study how innate immune cells and their signaling shape brain circuits and behavioral phenotypes related to neuropsychiatric disorders that are more common in either males or females (e.g., autism, anxiety and mood disorders). They also examine how perinatal experiences, including immune or allergic challenge, chronic stress, maternal care, and social interactions alter brain development and resulting behavior throughout life.

Lenz Lab  PubMed articles

Research Interests

  • Behavioral neuroscience
  • Stress and neuroimmunology


Postdoctoral Training: University of Maryland School of Medicine
PhD: Indiana University