BaskinKedrynAssistant Professor

Research Interest

The Baskin laboratory studies cardiovascular physiology and the molecular mechanisms that regulate cardiac function and metabolism, with a focus on the endocrine function of the heart. The heart has the remarkable capacity to adapt to metabolic, hormonal, and stress signals, in part by secreting factors that act in an autocrine/paracrine manner to optimize cardiac function. Some proteins and metabolites secreted from the heart have the potential to regulate systemic metabolism. We have identified and are investigating the function of novel factors secreted from the heart, in order to determine how these "cardiomyokines" regulate body weight. We also investigate how cardiomyokines are transcriptionally regulated, particularly through the Mediator complex. Collectively, our discoveries will broaden the understanding of the heart’s role in inter-organ communication and systemic metabolism. Our long-term goal is to identify new avenues for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

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Education and Training

PhD, The University of Texas Health Science Center, MD Anderson Cancer Center Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at Houston
Post Doctoral, The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center