Bansal_460x460Associate Professor

Research Interests

My research endeavors focus on the elucidation of innate (macrophages and dendritic cell) and adaptive (T-cells) immune responses during chronic heart failure and the role of these immune cells in mediating pathological left-ventricular remodeling. I am particularly interested in deciphering the role of T-cell subsets and time-dependent phenotypic changes that these cells undergo during chronic HF.

As an extension, I am also interested in identifying and developing novel therapeutic strategies to reverse pathological changes in immune cells for their bench-to-bed transition. My studies involve simultaneous characterization of several immune cell subsets using multi-color flow cytometry and test mechanism-based immune-modulatory strategies amenable to clinical translation.

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Education and Training

MS, National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research S.A.S .Nagar
MS/PhD, University of Louisville School of Medicine
Post Doctoral, The Methodist Hospital Research Institute
Post Doctoral, University of Alabama at Birmingham