Research interest:

The Nihongaki lab seeks to understand the spatiotemporally dynamic behavior of living cells by establishing and implementing novel technologies to illuminate previously invisible biomolecular processes. In particular, we are currently developing inducible molecular tools, which enable us to manipulate target molecular activities using small molecules and light. With the custom-made molecular probes, we study cellular microtubules, which are dynamic protein filaments throughout living cells and play roles in essential cellular functions including cell division, migration and intracellular trafficking.


We are at the interface between engineering and biology, employing multidisciplinary approaches based on biochemistry, cell biology, chemical biology, protein engineering, proteomics, genome editing and advanced microscopy. In the long-term, we aim to utilize our fundamental discovery to develop future therapeutics for diverse microtubule-related diseases from cardiovascular to neurological disorders.


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PhD, The University of Tokyo, Japan

Post Doctoral, Johns Hopkins University, Maryland


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Research focus:

Protein Engineering, Cell Biology, Advanced Imaging