2023 Spring hooding ceremony celebrates Ohio State’s medical students

ConvocationOn Thursday, May 4, graduating medical students gathered at The Ohio State University Mershon Auditorium for The Ohio State University College of Medicine's 2023 Doctoral Convocation, also known as the Hooding Ceremony.

The placement of the doctoral hood recognizes students completing their medical degrees and welcomes them into the profession of medicine. The ceremony also acknowledges the many outstanding achievements of the graduating class.

During the ceremony, Carol R. Bradford, MD, MS, FACS, dean at the Ohio State College of Medicine gave remarks, acknowledging the momentous day as being the culmination of years of education and training and the day the students officially become doctors.

“Embrace each day with hope and gratitude,” Dr. Bradford said. “Know that you are innovating care and making a difference. Know that you are transforming the health of our communities.”

Dr. Bradford shared a few other notable accomplishments from the class of 2023: it is one of the most diverse classes in the history of the College of Medicine. Twenty-four percent of students are from backgrounds that are historically under-represented in medicine. In addition, seventeen members of the class earned dual degrees while in medical school, with eight PhDs, seven Masters of Public Health, one MBA and one JD.

Mark Troyer, MD, MPH, clinical professor of Internal Medicine, was awarded the highly coveted 2023 Professor the Year Award and then delivered the Convocation Address. He encouraged the doctors to use their acquired knowledge and medical reasoning to break through bias and mistrust to forge deep connections with patients. He cautioned them to remain humble.

“Who you become, the impact that you have on the world will not depend on you being a heroic and infallible person, it will depend most on whether you seek diverse perspectives and experiences and learn from them,” Dr. Troyer said.

Following recitation of the class oath, graduating students lined up to be adorned in hoods. Ohio State's alma mater, “Carmen Ohio” was performed live by UltraSound Medical Student Chorus.

Awards Conveyed on Stage:
Dean’s award - Hafza Inshaar
Academic Excellence Award - Katelynn Helfrich

Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society Watman Achievement Award - Allyson Huttinger
William J. Means Memorial Award - Lisa Dorn
Clinical Excellence Award - Ericka Erickson
Leadership Award - Maria Riley
Catherine R. Lucey, MD Ambassador Award for Professionalism - Deborah Fadoju
Service Award - Elizabeth Auckley
Medical Scientist Award - Ansel Nalin
The Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Award - Emma Barrett

Outstanding Teaching Awards
Medha Biswas, MD, Department of Internal Medicine
Patrick Bou-Samra, MD, Department of Surgery
Alexandra Stiles, MD, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Preceding the Hooding Ceremony, the Ohio State College of Medicine held its Honors Convocation to recognize the extraordinary accomplishments of the following:

• Kevin Blum, PhD, Warren Campbell IV, PhD, Lisa Dorn, PhD, Tiffany King, PhD, Ansel Nalin, PhD, Davin Packer, PhD, Max Griffin Yano, PhD, graduates of the MD/PhD Medical Scientist Program
• Kessler Hurd for the Daniel Howland Prize
• Stephanie Wentzel for the Excellence in Public Health Award from the U.S. Public Health Service Physicians Professional Advisory Committee
• Nicholas Yeager, MD, associate professor of Hematology and Oncology for the Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Award by the Arnold P. Gold Foundation
• Elizabeth Auckley, Emma Barrett, Jodie Makara, Aneetpal Mattu and Elizabeth Wareham for the Linda C. Stone, MD Program for Humanism and the Arts in Medicine Senior Recognition Awards
• Emma Clark, Devon Harvey, Hannah Hendrix, Chiamaka Uche and Michelle Zhang for Honorable Mention for the Linda C. Stone, MD Program for Humanism and the Arts in Medicine Senior Recognition Awards
• Ansel Nalin was awarded Advanced Management in Relationship-Centered Care Student of the Year
• Ericka Erickson was awarded Advanced Management in Hospital-Based Care Student of the Year


In addition to these accolades, the Ohio State College of Medicine's clinical departments granted a total of 58 awards to the Class of 2023.