Ohio State research team addresses barriers to health care using evidence-based interventions

The James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute“Find, adapt and implement” is the aim of a team of researchers at The Ohio State University College of Medicine who are introducing evidence-based interventions to communities in central Ohio and beyond to address their unique needs and barriers to health care. Having a state-of-the-art electronic health records system, for example, without knowing how to make it best serve the interest of their patients is one issue the team has addressed, under the leadership of Electra Paskett, PhD, the Marion N. Rowley Professor of Cancer Research at The Ohio State University.

In this video discussion, Dr. Paskett explains how evidence-based interventions can be used to solve problems that can exacerbate health care disparities in underserved populations. The example shows how working with members of the health care community led to identifying and correcting a missed opportunity to reduce the occurrence of colorectal cancer in the population by implementing a screening prevention program adapted from a bank of pre-established protocols.

View the video to learn more about ways her research team of facilitators, consultants and evaluators has connected with clinics outside central Ohio to help fight colon cancer and other diseases.