Name: Metin Gurcan


Department: Biomedical Informatics

Dept Contact Phone: 614-366-5049

Preferred Method of Contact: Faculty Email

Previous Mentoring:Yes (funded)

Category of research: Translational

Research Description: The qualitative analysis of histopathological and radiological images is time-consuming and subject to inter- and intra-reader variations. This affects the prediction of the clinical outcome in an undesired way. Therefore, we are developing image analysis systems, for computer-assisted interpretations of these images to help pathologists and radiologists in their decision mechanism. Our goal is to provide computational tools with which they can extract quantitative features useful for more objective and accurate prognosis.

Specific areas of Research Emphasis: Biomedical Informatics; Radiology & Imaging Research; Musculoskeletal Disorders

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Learn more about student research