Name: Kai Zhao


Department: Otolaryngology

Lab Manager/Dept Contact: Bhakthi Deshpande

Lab Manager/Dept Contact Email:

Preferred Method of Contact: Faculty email, Lab Manager/Dept Contact email

Previous Mentoring: Yes (not funded)

Category of research: Translational

Research Description: Nasal obstruction: This ongoing study aims to develop and validate an objective diagnostic tool by combining novel computational models with sensory measurements, which would enable patients and clinicians to make informed, personalized treatment/surgery strategy. This project has also led to invention of novel non-surgical treatment option.

Specific areas:

  1. Turbinate Hypotrophy
  2. Septal deviation
  3. Septal perforation
  4. Empty Nose syndrome
  5. Skull base patients
  6. Obstruction related smell loss

Nasal drug delivery: This ongoing study uses computational models and 3D printing to optimize surgical impact for nasal drug delivery. The project also explores novel drug delivery methodology. Endoscopic sinus surgery simulator: This ongoing study aims to develop and validate a virtual endoscopic sinus surgery simulator to simulate, predict, and optimize surgical approaches that may improve clinical practice and offer personalized medicine in the future. Olfaction function and Training: Investigating the impact of nasal aerodynamics on olfactory function; the use of olfactory training and novel modulation of nasal airflows to improve olfactory function in both healthy controls and patients with reported smell losses.

Specific areas of Research Emphasis: Neuroscience, Respiratory Disorders


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Learn more about student research