Judicial Duties

The success of this event depends on the participation of faculty who serve as Research Day judges for the hundreds of trainees who participate in the event. Our volunteer judges contribute to the success of these research trainees by providing constructive criticism and guidance. At the same time, judges enhance their awareness of the breadth and depth of research being performed by students at various trainee levels.   

We are grateful for the time and effort given by our participating judges. Thank you in advance for volunteering and for helping to ensure the success of our Research Day events. *Faculty members with students presenting a poster are required to judge posters for other student presenters* 

Registered Judges:

Maria Eugenia Ariza PhD Cancer Biology and Genetics (CBG)
Nathaniel Bates PhD Orthopaedics
Erica Bell PhD Neurology
Jason Bischof MD Emergency Medicine
R. Thomas Boyd BS, MS, PhD Neuroscience
Jonathan Butchar PhD Division of Hematology
Min-Jeong Cho MD Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Robert Cooper MD, MPH, MBD Emergency Medicine 
Tatiana Cuellar-Gaviria MS, PhD Biomedical Engineering 
Jayajit Das PhD Pediatrics
Harold Davis PhD Surgical Oncology
Aharon Freud MD, PhD Pathology
Hongjun (Harry) Fu PhD Neuroscience
Jidong Fu MD, PhD Physiology and Cell Biology
Tianmin Fu PhD Biological Chemistry and Pharmacology
Raymond Gao PhD Ophthalmology, BMI
Jennifer Garvin PhD, MBA, MA HRS/HIMS
Michael Go MD Surgery
Aaron Goldman PhD Biological Chemistry and Pharmacology
Nicole Grieselhuber MD, PhD Internal Medicine
Orman Hall DO Psychiatry
Jill Heathcock BS, MPT, PhD COM/HRS/PT
Matthew Henn MD, MS Surgery
Ling-Qun Hu MD Anesthesiology
Wei Huang PhD Cancer Biology and Generics
Jennifer Hughes PhD, MPH Psychiatry and Behavioral Health
Andrew Hundley MD Obstetrics and Gynecology
Kelsey Jordan (in place of Dr. Michael Lyons, mentor) PhD, MPH, Emergency Medicine
Ben Kaffenberger MD, MS Dermatology 
Deb Kegelmeyer PT, MS, DPT Physical Therapy Division, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Nagaraj Kerur PhD Ophthalmology/ Microbial infection and Immunity 
Samantha King PhD Pediatrics
Abraham Korman MD Dermatology
George Kyriazis PhD Biological Chemistry & Pharmacology
Haichang Li PhD Surgery and Veterinary Biosciences
Jia Li PhD PM&R
Jerry Lio PhD Microbial Infection and Immunity
Bei Liu MD, MPH Internal Medicine
Tom Liu MD, PhD Neurology
Matthew Long PhD Internal Medicine
Kevin Martin DO, FAAOS, FAANA Department of Orthopedics
Kevin Mason PhD Pediatrics
Lara McKenzie PhD, MA Pediatrics
Wayne Miles PhD Cancer Biology and Genetics
Tasneem Motiwala PhD, MPH, S-MBA Biomedical Informatics
Shahid Nimjee MD, PhD Neurological Surgery
Eugene Oltz PhD Microbial Infection and Immunity
Jeff Parvin MD, PhD Biomedical Informatics
Timothy Pawlik MD, MPH, PhD Department of Surgery
Leah Pyter PhD Psychiatry
Jill Rafael-Fortney PhD Physiology & Cell Biology
Murugesan Rajaram PhD Microbial Infection and Immunity
Ryan Rauck MD Orthopedics
Sameek Roychowdhury MD, PhD Internal Medicine
Lluis Samaranch PhD Neurological Surgery Department 
Stephanie Seveau PhD Microbial Infection and Immunity
Gina Sizemore PhD Radiation Oncology
Roman Skoracki MD Plastic Surgery
Sakima Smith MD Internal Medicine
Mitchel Stacy PhD Surgery
Rolf Stottmann MS, PhD Pediatrics
Lindsay Sullivan PhD, MA Division of Health Sciences, School of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences
Matt Summers PhD Radiation Oncology
Emily Theisen PhD Pediatrics
Amanda Toland PhD Cancer Biology & Genetics
Amy Valasek MD, MS Pediatric Sports Medicine
Monica Venere PhD Radiation Oncology
Jacy Wagnon PhD Neuroscience
Jennifer Woyach MD Internal Medicine
Kyle Wu MD Neurosurgery 
Vicki Wysocki BS, PhD Chemistry and Biochemistry
Jacob Yount PhD Microbial infection and immunity
Lianbo Yu PhD Biomedical Informatics
Claire Bollinger PhD, MS Health Sciences
Francesca Cottini MD Internal Medicine- Hematology

Registration has closed, please email ResearchDay@osumc.edu for more information.

*updated 4/4