Judicial Duties

The success of this event depends on the participation of faculty who serve as Research Day judges for the hundreds of trainees who participate in the event. Our volunteer judges contribute to the success of these research trainees by providing constructive criticism and guidance. At the same time, judges enhance their awareness of the breadth and depth of research being performed by students at various trainee levels.  

Judging for the 2022 event will be done virtually the week of March 9th, with all evaluations being due March 18th.  Each judge will complete an evaluation for 3-5 poster/presentations. The judges form contains a checklist of critical review areas and a rating scale.

We are grateful for the time and effort given by our participating judges. Thank you in advance for volunteering and for helping to ensure the success of our Research Day events.

Faculty members with students presenting a poster are required to judge posters for other student presenters.

Register to Judge

Registered Judges:

Federica Accornero PhD, Physiology & Cell Biology
Oliver Adunka MD, Otolaryngology
Mandy Agnew PhD, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Shipra Agrawal PhD, Nationwide Children's Hospital
Amal Amer MD PhD, Microbial Infection and Immunity
Emmanuel Appiah-Kubi MD, Radiology
Maria Eugenia Ariza PhD, Cancer Biology and Genetics
David Bahner MD, Emergency Medicine
Ruth Barrientos PhD, Psychiatry
Adriane Baylis PhD, Plastic Surgery
Jose Bazan MD, Radiation Oncology
Joseph Bednash MD, Internal Medicine
Tracy Bedrosian PhD, Pediatrics
Erica Bell PhD, Neurology
Don Benson MD PhD, Internal Medicine
Brandon Biesiadecki PhD, Physiology & Cell Biology
Jason bischof MD, Emergency Medicine
Laura Boucher PhD, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
R. Thomas. (tom) Boyd PhD, Neuroscience
Rodney Britt PhD, Pediatrics
Ginny Bumgardner MD PhD, Surgery
Chuanxi Cai PhD, Surgery
Courtney Campbell MD PhD, Internal Medicine
Courtney Campbell MD PhD, Alumni Faculty 
Kevin Cassady MD, Pediatrics
Colleen Cebulla MD PhD, Ophthalmology
Dawn Chandler PhD, Pediatrics
Ajit Chaudhari PhD, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Xiaodong (phoenix) Chen PhD, Surgery
Tendy Chiang MD, Otolaryngology
Janet Childerhose PhD, Internal Medicine
Krishna Chinthalapudi PhD, Physiology & Cell Biology
Nam Chu PhD, School of Biomedical Science
Catherine Chung MD, Pathology
Steven Ciciora MD, Pediatrics
Jennifer Cooper PhD, Pediatrics
Julia Cooper MS, Internal Medicine
Francesca Cottini MD, Internal Medicine
Jewel Crasta PhD, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
James Cray PhD, Biomedical Education & Anatomy
Stacey Culp PhD, Biomedical Informatics
Greg Cvetanovich MD, Orthopaedics
Alan Davis PhD, Psychiatry
Meihong Deng MD, Surgery
Jennifer Dotson MD, MPH, Pediatrics
Yixing Du MD PhD, Neuroscience
Robert Duerr MD, Orthopaedics
Brittany Dulmage MD, Internal Medicine
Brittany Dulmage MD, Internal Medicine
Mona El Refaey PhD, Surgery
Hamdy Elsayed-Awad MD, Anesthesiology
Joshua Englert MD, Internal Medicine
Laszlo Farkas MD, Internal Medicine
Vadim Fedorov PhD, Physiology & Cell Biology
Nick Ferrell PhD, Internal Medicine
Aharon Freud MD PhD, Pathology
Jennifer Frey PhD, Emergency Medicine
Hongjun FU PhD, Neuroscience
Nicholas Funderburg PhD, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Daniel Gallego-Perez PhD, Davis Heart & Lung Research Institute
Jennifer Garvin PhD, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Jonathan Godbout PhD, Neuroscience
Aaron Goldman PhD, Biological Chemistry and Pharmacology
Sara Gombash Lampe PhD, Neuroscience
Megan Gregory PhD, Biomedical Informatics
Howard Gu PhD, Pharmacology
Mireia Guerau PhD, Medical Technology
John Gunn PhD, Pediatrics
Martin Haesemeyer PhD, Neuroscience
Orman Hall DO, Psychiatry
Trent Hall DO, Psychiatry
Brittany Hand PhD, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Douglas Hardesty MD, Neurological Surgery
Lynda Hartel MS, Health Sciences Library
Ron Harter MD, Anesthesiology
Shuman He MD PhD, Otolaryngology
Courtney Hebert MD, Biomedical Informatics
Sarah Heissler PhD, Physiology & Cell Biology
Archana Hinduja MD, Neurology
Kevin Ho MD, Internal Medicine
Ling-qun Hu MD, Anesthesiology
Wei Huang PhD, Cancer Biology and Genetics
(frances) Kay Huebner PhD, Cancer biology and Genetic
Andrew Hundley MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology
Ashley Jackson PhD, Pediatrics
Sonu Jain MD, Plastic Surgery
Xia Jiang PhD, Radiology
Ben Kaffenberger MD, Internal Medicine
Nagaraj Kerur PhD, Ophthalmology
Adam Ketner MD, Internal Medicine
Adam Kittai MD, Internal Medicine
Steve Kolb MD PhD, Neurology
Benjamin Kopp MD, Pediatrics
Jessica Krok-Schoen PhD, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Clara Lee MD, MPP, Plastic Surgery
Brandon Lewis PhD, Nationwide Children's Hospital
Haichang Li PhD, Surgery
Haichang Li PhD, Surgery
Judith Lin MD, Internal Medicine
Namal LIYANAGE PhD, Microbial Infection and Immunity
Matthew Long PhD, Internal Medicine
Peter Lu MD, Pediatrics
Robert Magnussen MD MPH, Orthopaedics
Robert Magnussen MD, Orthopaedics
John Mahan MD, Pediatrics
Mina Makary MD, Radiology
Stuart Mangel PhD, Neuroscience
Kris Martens PhD, Neuroscience
Sarah Marzec MD, Pediatrics
Kevin Mason PhD, Nationwide Children's Center for Microbial Pathogenesis
Rukya Masum MD, Radiology
Laura Matrka MD, Otolaryngology
Jennifer McCallister MD, Internal Medicine
Dana McTigue PhD, Neuroscience
Maria Asuncion Mejias MD PhD, Pediatrics
William Miller MD PhD, College of Public Health/Epidemiology
Kerry-ann Mitchell MD PhD, Plastic Surgery
Xiaokui-molly Mo PhD, Biomedical Informatics
Aaron Moberly MD, Otolaryngology
Amy Moore MD, Plastic Surgery
Sayoko Moroi MD PhD, Ophthalmology
Tasneem MOTIWALA PhD, Biomedical Informatics
Bethany Mundy-Bosse PhD, Internal Medicine
James Murakami MD, Radiology
Kirk Mykytyn PhD, Pharmacology
Christa Nagel MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology
Eswar Shankar Narayanswamy PhD, Internal Medicine
Shahid Nimjee MD PhD, Neurological Surgery
Sabrena Noria MD PhD, Surgery
Tania Oberyszyn PhD, Pathology
Ken Oestreich PhD, Microbial Infection and Immunity
James Onate PhD, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Jose Otero MD PhD, Pathology
Dario Palmieri PhD, Cancer Biology and Genetics
Santiago Partida-Sanchez PhD, Pediatrics
Jeffrey Parvin MD PhD, Biomedical Informatics
Emily Patterson PhD, Health Information Management/Systems
Kenneth Pitter MD PhD, Radiation Oncology
Phillip Popovich PhD, Neuroscience
Tasha Posid PhD, Urology
Benjamin Poulose MD, Surgery
Amy Pyle-Eilola PhD, Pathology
Leah PYTER PhD, Psychiatry
Steven Radwany MD, Palliative Medicine
Jill Rafael-Fortney PhD, Physiology & Cell Biology
Apoorva Ramaswamy MD, Otolaryngology
Yin Ren MD PhD, Otolaryngology
Barbara Rogers MD, Anesthesiology
Sameek Roychowdhury MD PhD, Internal Medicine
John Ryan MD, Orthopaedics
Adnan SAFDAR MD, Neurology
Anthony Salvador DO, Radiology
Lluis Samaranch PhD, Neurological Surgery
Pablo Sanchez MD, Pediatrics
Timur Sarac MD, Surgery
Jonathan Schaffir MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology
Nolan Seim MD, Otolaryngology
Ce Shang PhD, Internal Medicine
Gina Sizemore PhD, Radiation Oncology
Steve Sizemore PhD, Radiation Oncology
Roman Skoracki MD, Plastic Surgery
Sakima Smith MD, Internal Medicine
Michael Sorkin MD, Plastic Surgery
Michael Sourial MD, Urology
Mitchel Stacy PhD, Surgery
Kristin Stanford PhD, Physiology & Cell Biology
Paul Stoodley PhD, Microbial Infection and Immunity
Anne Strohecker PhD, Cancer Biology and Genetics
Matthew Summers PhD, Radiation Oncology
Shigeo Tamiya PhD, Ophthalmology
Esmerina Tili PhD, Anesthesiology
Joseph Tobias MD, Anesthesiology
Amanda Toland PhD, Cancer Biology and Genetics
Mark Tornero MD, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Kristy Townsend PhD, Neurological Surgery
Susheela Tridandapani PhD, Internal Medicine
Victor Van Laar PhD, Neurological Surgery
Jennifer Vaughn MD MSPH, Internal Medicine
Monica Venere PhD, Radiation Oncology
Anna Vilgelm PhD, Pathology
Frederick Villamena PhD, Pharmacology
Cole Vonder Haar PhD, Neuroscience
Timothy Voorhees MD, Internal Medicine
Jacy Wagnon PhD, Neuroscience
Lorraine Wallace PhD, Biomedical Education & Anatomy
Lei Wang PhD, Psychiatry
Pedro Weisleder MD PhD, Pediatrics
Jason Wester PhD, Neuroscience
Richard Wood MD, Pediatric Colorectal Surgery
Brett Worly MD, MBA, Obstetrics/Gynecology
Ruili Xie PhD, Otolaryngology
Lihua Ye PhD, Neuroscience
Lianbo Yu PhD, Biomedical Informatics
Jun ZHANG PhD, Radiology
Xiaoli Zhang PhD, Biomedical Informatics
Debra Zynger MD, Pathology



Updated 2/28/2022 

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