What is the Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE)?

The Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) is a comprehensive assessment of your performance in achieving the educational objectives of our medical school curriculum. It is neither a letter of recommendation nor the college’s prediction of your future performance in a residency program. The MSPE describes your performance through three full years of medical school and part of your fourth year. It is then transmitted to the residency programs you apply to during your senior year.

Who writes the MSPE?

Stacy Drake, on behalf of the Associate Dean for Student Life, Dr. Joanne Lynn.

Where does the information come from for my MSPE?

From the MSPE Questionnaire (submitted via Vitals), and from your preclinical and clinical grades.

What’s the deadline for completing the MSPE Questionnaire?

May 8 is the deadline for third-year medical students to submit their form via Vitals. After that date, you can send updates anytime via email to Stacy Drake.

Will I have a chance to review my MSPE before it goes out?

Yes. You will receive an email stating which assistant dean you will meet with to review your MSPE (students are assigned randomly). It is your responsibility to contact that person and to set up a mutually convenient appointment. Plan to arrive at least 20 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment so that you can proofread your MSPE. Make any notes that you wish on your draft to discuss during your meeting.

Do I get to look at my MSPE a second time to see if I missed anything?

With our tight production deadline, it’s just not possible. When you do go over your MSPE prior to your meeting with a dean, you can see how everything will appear and make the appropriate changes. You can keep track of grades that are posted after your review session through Vitals. If we have questions about any changes that you requested be made on your MSPE, you'll be contacted by email for clarification. And don't ever hesitate to contact Stacy Drake if you do have a question.

What steps should I take if I don’t agree with a clerkship evaluation or grade?

You should see the program coordinator immediately. Don’t wait until you review your MSPE; it may be too late. Neither you nor your reviewer can add or delete statements from clerkship evaluations.

Does the MSPE include the “Additional Comments” that appear at the bottom of the grade card?

In most cases, no. If a negative comment, such as “does not work well with team members,” appears frequently in the additional comments of your evaluations, the associate dean has the prerogative to address that issue in your MSPE.

What rotations are included in my MSPE?

All of your clerkships and electives from July of your third year through August of your fourth year will appear in your MSPE, regardless of the grade, and in chronological order.

What if I need to remediate a clerkship?

No MSPE goes out with an Incomplete, Unsatisfactory, or Unsatisfactory Exam grade. Remediations must be completed as early as possible, especially for military personnel.

What is the earliest date my MSPE can be sent out?

The AAMC rules set Oct. 1 as the earliest release date for any MSPE (even for early match specialties).