An anesthesiologist is trained to provide pain relief and maintenance or restoration of a stable condition during and immediately following an operation or an obstetric or diagnostic procedure. The anesthesiologist assesses the risk of the patient undergoing surgery and optimizes the patient’s condition prior to, during, and after surgery. In addition to these management responsibilities, the anesthesiologist provides medical management and consultation in pain management and critical care medicine. Anesthesiologists diagnose and treat acute, long-standing, and cancer pain problems; diagnose and treat patients with critical illnesses or severe injuries; and direct resuscitation in the care of patients with cardiac or respiratory emergencies, including the need for artificial ventilation, and supervise post anesthesia recovery. This information was adapted from the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) website.


  • Length of training: 4 years
  • Match: NRMP
  • Application Service: ERAS

Ohio State Department of Anesthesiology

  • Department Chair: Ronald Harter, MD
  • Residency Director: Demicha Rankin, MD
  • Associate Program Director: David Stahl, MD
  • Residency Coordinator: Sarah Robertson, 614-688-8942
  • Education Director: Lori Meyers, MD
  • Advanced Competancy Director: Johnathan Lipps, MD
  • Education Coordinator: Tyson Kaufman, 614-366-8542

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Specialty Champions

  • Michael Andritsos, MD (Director, Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesiology)
  • John Coffman, MD (Director, OB Anesthesia)
  • Brian Dishong, MD (Neuro Anesthesiology)
  • Kasey Fiorini, MD (Cardiac and Obstetric Anesthesiology)
  • Ronald Harter, MD
  • Lori Meyers, MD (Director, Medical Student Clerkships)
  • Ken Moran, MD (Director, Anesthesiology Residency)
  • Demicha Rankin, MD (Diversity)
  • Andrew Roth, MD (Regional Anesthesiology)
  • Sree Satyapriya, MD (Associate Director, Critical Care Anesthesiology Fellowship)
  • Tristan Weaer, MD (Pain Management)


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