The emergency physician's primary duty is to resuscitate and stabilize emergent patients and to see that all life-threatening causes of a patient's condition are considered. If all life-threatening causes cannot be adequately ruled-out in the emergency department due to resource or time constraints, the physician must see that the patient is admitted to the most appropriate service for further evaluation.

Because of the wide spectrum of patient presentations and acuity, the emergency physician must be able to quickly recognize the sick patient, stabilize him with limited or no information and efficaciously evaluate him to reach a tentative diagnosis. All of this requires a quick mind, a decisive nature, a good fund of knowledge and interest in the breadth of medicine, excellent physical diagnostic skills, good manual dexterity, the deductive ability of a detective, and nerves of steel. It is also necessary to have special communication skills as the need frequently arises to establish rapport in a very short time with people under very stressful conditions. The emergency physician must have an attitude of cooperation, as success in practice depends upon working effectively as a team member with members of your ED as well as physicians in other specialties. This information was adapted from the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine website.


  • Length of training: 3 years
  • Match: NRMP
  • Application service: ERAS

Ohio State Department of Emergency Medicine

  • Department Chair: Mark Angelos, MD
  • Vice Chairman of Education: Daniel Martin, MD
  • Residency Director: Sorabh Khandelwal, MD
  • Assistant Residency Directors: Sarah Greenberger, MD, and Andrew King, MD
  • Residency Coordinator: Jennifer Journey, 293-3551
  • Medical Student Education Coordinator: Amber Clevenger, 366-8693
  • Director and ATEM Advisor: Cynthia Leung, MD
  • MS 3 Elective Coordinator: Micholas Kman, MD
  • Clerkship Director: Laura Thompson, MD
  • Honors Ultrasound Course Director: David Bahner, MD

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Specialty Champions

  • Daniel Bachmann, MD (hyperbaric & disaster medicine)
  • David Bahner, MD (ultrasound)
  • Jeffrey Caterino, MD (special interest in research)
  • Sarah Greenberger, MD
  • Diane Gorgas, MD (global health)
  • Sorabh Khandelwal, MD
  • Nicholas Kman, MD (disaster medicine)
  • Cynthia Leung, MD
  • Dan Martin, MD
  • Mark Moseley, MD, MHA
  • Jillian Schwaab, MD
  • Laura Thompson, MD


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