Internal Medicine-Pediatrics trained physicians embody the skills, wisdom, and dedication of pediatricians and internists in a single physician. Med-Peds training and practice synthesizes two complex disciplines into a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Capitalizing on the focus, depth, and evidence base incumbent to training in and practicing the two disciplines, Med-Peds physicians bring a unique insight and scope to the care of patients throughout their patients’ life span. Caring for multiple generations of the same family lends them intrinsic comprehension of family dynamics, epidemiology, and the impact of acute or chronic illness at all ages, all in the context of family systems. Coupled with this special continuity are the tremendous rewards of durable relationships as the health mentor for families over several decades.

Med-Peds physicians draw from the rich repertoire of knowledge and skills of pediatricians and internists to bring great flexibility in their approach to clinical medicine. The same adaptability provides a special versatility to follow many paths throughout their career. Capable of emphasizing whichever component of their skill set an individual patient or community requires, they enjoy popularity amongst patients, colleagues, and recruiters in a vast array of practice styles and locales. This information was adapted from the American Academy of Pediatrics website.


  • Length of training: 4 years
  • Match: NRMP
  • Application Service: ERAS

Ohio State Department of Internal Medicine - Pediatrics

  • Department Chair - Internal Medicine: Michael Grever, MD
  • Department Chair - Pediatrics: John Barnard, MD
  • Residency Director: Margaret Chase, MD
  • Assistant Residency Director: Allison Rossetti, MD
  • Career Exploration Thread: Megan Brundrett, MD

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Specialty Champions

  • Stacy Ardoin, MD (Ohio State/NCH Rheumatology)
  • Cami Curren, MD (Ohio State IM Primary Care and NCH Med Peds Primary Care)
  • Melissa Harrold, MD (Arlington Primary Care)
  • Dave Hauswirth, MD (Ohio State/NCH Allergy Immunology)
  • Matthew Flanigan, MD (General Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Grandview)
  • Kristen Lewis, MD
  • Beth Liston, MD (Ohio State/NCH Hospital Medicine)
  • Dan McFarlane, MD
  • Garey Nortiz, MD (Complex Care Programs NCH)
  • Nathan O'Dorisio, MD
  • Alpa Patel, MD (NCH Pulmonary Medicine CF)
  • Chuck Redman, MD
  • Rich Rodenberg, MD (NCH Sports Medicine & Med Peds Primary Care)
  • Kim Tartaglia, MD (Ohio State/NCH Hospital Medicine)
  • Jonathan Thackeray, MD (NCH Child and Family Advocacy Center)


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