What is Humanism in Medicine?2020 art show

The Ohio State University College of Medicine values empathy, integrity and compassion as academic strength. The well-being of faculty, staff, and students translates to a high level of care for our patients. Humanism in Medicine is a College of Medicine initiative that serves the entire Ohio State health science community by promoting a compassionate approach to all that we do: research, patient care, teaching, and learning. 

Students in the Arts

Our medical students are more than just students, with an eighty percent participation rate in this program, we also know they are dancers, singers, writers, musicians, and lovers of the arts. Our testimonials prove this: Medicine and the Arts activities provide stress reduction for hard working students, healing for the healers, and the best of care for our patients. A number of Humanism in Medicine programs and groups are arts-based, leveraging the creativity and space for human expression that the arts provide. Students are encouraged to build friendships and maintain balance in their lives by holding onto their hobbies or creative outlets. The Humanism in Medicine Student Section helps to support this by being student driven, building community around areas of students' interests, whether they be arts, service, or project based. Students can take a break from studying to wander through the yearly College of Medicine Art Show, attend a Professional School Orchestra concert (or rehearsal), or pet a dog at one of the Med Paws gatherings!

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Student Committees

Service Committees

  • Bowen Circle
  • Candy Apple Awards
  • Cultural Cooking
  • Diversions to Inspire Nontraditional & Older Students (DINOS)
  • Educators With Heart: Executive Board
  • Language and Culture Exchange (LACE)
  • Last Lecture Series
  • Life Events/Grief Support
  • M1 Fall Retreat
  • MedPaws
  • Movies in Meiling
  • Gateway to Columbus
  • Random Acts of Kindness (RAK)
  • Somali Health Initiative for Nutrition Education (SHINE)

Arts & Culture