The Landacre Honor Society was founded in 1956 by Dr. Russell Hayes and Dr. Bernard Marks in honor of Dr. Francis Leroy Landacre, professor and first chair of the Department of Anatomy. Dr. Landacre’s original research was in neuroanatomy concerning the origin of cranial ganglia and neural crest cells of lower vertebrates. His exceptionally high standards in both academic achievement and research are the tenets of the society’s promotion and support of medical student research activities.

In addition to providing students with a variety of information about research opportunities at OSU, the society also organizes research conferences, host speakers, and holds the annual Graduate and Postgraduate Research Day, where students present posters and oral presentations summarizing their research to their peers.

In 2011, the Landacre Research Interest Group was created as a division of the Landacre Honor Society to further facilitate student research at OSU. The Interest Group and Honor Society have similar goals and the two organizations work together to coordinate research events. The difference is that the Landacre Honor Society focuses on recognizing outstanding student research, a feat typically achieved by third and fourth-year medical students, whereas the Interest Group is geared toward assisting first and second-year students pursue their research interests.

Requirements for Landacre Honor Society Induction

Membership is open to all medical students at OSUCOM who have demonstrated excellence in medical research, as evidenced by fulfilling the following criteria and completing the attached application. All applicants who fulfill the induction criteria and complete the application will be considered for induction into the Landacre Honor Society, the annual application process is late January through early February. see calendar for exact dates

Qualifying Research (all must be met)

  • The data-gathering portion, at a minimum, of the qualifying research must be performed while the student is enrolled at OSUCOM.
  • Research performed while a student is on a leave of absence (LOA) for the purpose of performing research is eligible.  Academic LOAs do not qualify. 
  • The qualifying research may be conducted at an outside institution, provided the student was enrolled at OSUCOM or on a leave of absence (LOA) for the purpose of performing research at the time the research was conducted.
  • The qualifying research must be original, hypothesis driven and related to a biomedical topic (Case Reports, Reviews, and Retrospective Cohort Studies do not qualify).
  • The qualifying research must be presented at the OSUCOM Trainee Research Day the year of induction. 

Qualifying Student

The qualifying student must have made a significant contribution to the qualifying research, as demonstrated by achievement of at least one (1) of the following:

  • Authorship of a peer-reviewed, published journal article, first or second authorship minimum. 
  • First authorship of a competitively reviewed abstract accepted for oral or poster presentation at a national conference (Hosted by a National Professional Organization).
  • Receipt of a nationally competitive research grant for the purpose of supporting qualifying research (Internal Grants and Travel Awards do not meet this requirement). 


2023-24 Executive Board Members

  • President - Haley Klimaszewski 
  • Vice President - Zheng Hong Tan 
  • Treasurer /Secretary - Amanda Walsh
  • Executive Officer - Jacob Brooks
  • Executive Officer - William Schwartzman 
  • MSTP Executive Officer - Shane Scott
  • Immediate Past President - Chelsea Bray 

 2023-24 Interest Group Board

  • President - Dennis Grencewicz 
  • Vice President - Mihika Aedla
  • Secretary - Pedro Silberman
  • Treasurer - Alyssa Kassouf 
  • Executive Officer - Kevin Xiao
  • Executive Officer - Max Lee