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The Office of Research Education's Medical Student Research Program aims to connect interested Medical Students to basic, clinical, and translational research, mentors, and funding opportunities.

Calendar of Events

The Medical Student Research Program, in conjunction with the College of Medicine and the Landacre Research Honor Society, strive to host a variety of events that initiate and enhance quality research experiences. During each academic year, these recurring events highlight research, funding and educational training:

August 12, 2021; 9:05-9:35am

  • COM Medical Student Orientation

Aug. 23, 2021; 11:00-12:00pm

  • Career Development: Research in Medical Careers

Sept. 2, 2021; 10:30-11:30am

  • Evidence Based Inquiry & Research Learning Objectives

Sept. 29, 2021; LSI Module

  • Exploring Medical Research in the Summer Introduction to Medical Student Research Opportunities & How to Prepare a Competitive Research Proposal

October, TBD 2021

  •  2021 Dean’s Fall Scholarship Awards Ceremony (Presentation of Awards to Medical Students Recognized for Research Accomplishments)

Oct. 4, 2021; MDSR website 

  • Applications open to apply for 2022 College of Medicine Medical Student Research Scholarship

Oct. TDB, 2021

Nov. 30, 2021; 

Dec. 13, 2021; 5 p.m.

  • COM Medical Student Research Scholarship: Phase I Documents Due, 5:00 PM

Jan. 14, 2022; 5 p.m.

  • COM Medical Student Research Scholarship: Phase II Documents Due, 5:00 PM

Jan. 28, 2022 – Feb. 7, 2022

April 7, 2022

April 8, 2022

  • College of Medicine Medical Student Research 2022 Scholarship Award Notifications (via email)

May 6, 2022; Time to be determined 


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Research Opportunities

As a medical student at Ohio State, you will have numerous opportunities to test your interest in biomedical research or contribute to studies conducted by some of the nation’s most respected research scientists. Many of our students perform research with the aid of scholarships and fellowships designed to support their research interests while pursuing a medical degree.

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