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Summative (Cluster) Statements for MSPE:

The national MSPE guidelines adopted in 2002 state that the Summary section of the MSPE should include a summative assessment of a student’s comparative performance in medical school, relative to his or her peers, including information about any school-specific categories used in differentiating among levels of student performance.

In order to facilitate the letter generation, student match counseling, and meet the national guidelines for MSPEs, we returned to clustering in 2006-07, having used it regularly prior to 2003.

We use adjectives for five groups which provide a reasonable estimate of that student’s potential for residency training. A template paragraph with explanation of the adjective will be provided in the MSPE as well as a table in the appendices indicating the various categories.


Approximate Percentile





Very Good






Calculation Method:

Overall medical school average is determined by an average of the overall Part 1 score and the overall Part 2 score, both weighted equally. For details on the calculation of the Part 1 or Part 2 scores, please see the student handbook for those academic programs.

Citations for poor professionalism are not currently able to be incorporated in the computer method 
available to generate the clusters. If a citation is present, the student is automatically placed in the next lower cluster.