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Welcome to The Ohio State University College of Medicine.

This is an exciting time here at Ohio State’s College of Medicine. By every measure we are an organization on the move. Our newly developed Lead, Serve, Inspire (LSI) curriculum gives students the opportunity to work alongside expert faculty and staff at one of the nation’s top academic medical centers.

Presented as a three-part, four-year experience, the LSI curriculum fully integrates foundational and clinical science throughout the four-year period. Students gain hands-on experience early in the program through a longitudinal, practice-based clinical service that offers opportunities to apply classroom knowledge to actual patient situations.
We’ve embarked on a massive 15-year construction program that will set the standard for academic medical centers of the future, creating dramatic and dynamic research, and clinical and learning environments with the expansion of our newly renovated Clinical Skills Center housed on the sixth floor of the Prior Health Sciences Library. The expansion of this Center gives students the opportunity to work in virtual critical care and surgical bays, a surgery teaching laboratory and five additional technical labs. It also gives our faculty physicians the technology and flexibility they need to successfully incorporate student and resident assessment into their daily schedules. This allows them to provide students crucial hands-on experience and the opportunity for comprehensive and constructive feedback from their instructors and peers. Our advanced facilities and expert faculty provide students with a unique, innovative learning environment that very few places can offer.
In addition, research still continues to be a high priority here. With the new College of Medicine Office of Research staff, we are more determined than ever to create an infrastructure where faculty and members of the research community are supported. We believe by creating a culture of excellence, our latest discoveries will translate into better treatments and better wellness for everyone.
We invite you to take some time to explore our web site to learn more about the great things happening here at Ohio State’s College of Medicine. Feel free to contact us at (614) 292-2220, if you have any questions.