CSEAC is proud to partner with the Ohio Department of Health Pregnancy-Associated Mortality Review Program to offer training opportunities for emergency medicine providers throughout the state of Ohio. These simulation trainings will provide educational opportunities to emergency medicine physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and nurses to increase their knowledge and preparedness for obstetric emergencies.

CSEAC, in collaboration with ODH, will offer three types of training sessions. Participants will learn about the recognition, treatment, and management of obstetric emergencies including hypertension, post-partum hemorrhage, and cardiomyopathy. In the Train the Trainer sessions, participants will learn how to facilitate obstetric emergency simulation scenarios that can be implemented at their home hospitals and facilities.

We will offer two trainings:

  1. Simulation Session 1: Virtual Obstetric Emergency Simulations – Enhance your ability to recognize, treat, & manage obstetric emergencies through this simulation training tailored specifically to emergency medicine staff and first responders. Topics covered will include recognition, treatment, and management of obstetric emergencies such as hypertensive emergencies, postpartum hemorrhage, and postpartum cardiomyopathy. To see available dates and to register, click here.

  2. Simulation Session 2: Virtual Obstetric Emergency Training – Train the Trainer - This session aims to train emergency medicine physicians and nurse educators on the delivery and development of simulation training for staff and other learners. The goal is to provide attendees with the knowledge and skills needed to deliver obstetric emergency simulation experiences at their home hospitals or facilities. To see available dates and to register, click here


Registration for all Emergency Medicine sessions