WHAT we do at CREATE:

Form partnerships to expedite innovation! Our goal is to connect people to expand the collective knowledge to CREATE state-of-the-art health care solutions. Connecting and forming partnerships is at the heart of what we do.


CREATE is a transdisciplinary intellectual laboratory, where exceptionally high concentrations of expertise are brought together to connect, endeavor, and innovate. Barriers to success are removed and siloed thinking is disrupted such that the brightest minds and ideas will be amplified to transform ideas into awe-inspiring solutions.

CREATE accelerates healthcare innovation to positively impact patient outcomes by forming teams to pioneer new technologies and devices, improving training methodologies and forging partnerships with private industry to streamline product development by providing cost effective and expedited expert consultation.

CREATE is a locus of synergy where collaboration enriches ideas and the brightest minds are amplified by transdisciplinary exploration. CREATE will facilitate collaboration among many different Ohio State departments, colleges and providers, and build partnerships to leverage the expertise and resources of The Ohio State University and Wexner Medical Center to establish an alliance of experts who will become stakeholders in propelling health care forward.

Who is CREATE for?

Our organizing principle is the belief that “no one of us is as bright as all of us.” We believe that education and medicine are, at their core, entirely dependent upon curiosity, discovery and innovation.

CREATE is for all healthcare providers, academic and healthcare faculty, students, partners from private industry, engineers and inventors.

CREATE’s paradigm of inclusiveness places CREATE at the fulcrum of education, research and outreach. Employment of a transdisciplinary approach, in which siloed thinking is removed, allows CREATE to not only steward our intellectual equity, but enrich and expand it.

Our Pillars