Residency, fellowships offer best of all worlds

At The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, recruiting and developing leaders and scholars builds a foundation of success in our residency programs.

Hear from our resident alumni

"The diversity of experiences and training! We get great experience early on and learn from incredible people."

- Dr. Casey Kraft

"What I love most about Ohio State Plastic Surgery is the learning environment and culture." 

-Dr. Mark Mishu

 "I love the camaraderie amongst the residents and the variety of cases."

-Dr. Ryan Konik 

 "Ohio State provides a broad clinical experience in combination with the opportunity for excellence in translational and interdisciplinary research."

-Dr. Jenny Barker

"I love the camaraderie amongst the residents and the faculty. It feels like one big community and everyone supports each other and wants each other to succeed. You can always rely on the person next to you to push you clinically to be better and to always help one another when in need. Its a rare trait to find in another co-resident or person, let alone the entire program from faculty to residents."

-Dr. Tyler Sbrocchi

"I chose OSU because of the the diverse faculty who are leaders in their field. The large faculty size gives residents the opportunity to have broad based training with exposure to the major subspecialties. The Ohio State University Department of Plastic Surgery is also incredibly invested in education through teaching conferences and curriculum development. And most importantly, I chose Ohio State because of the amazing people who make up the Department of Plastic Surgery! I could not be happier to be at OSU and train at such an incredible institution."

- Dr. Anna Schoenbrunner

"For me, The Ohio State University Department of Plastic Surgery offers the perfect balance of graded clinical responsibilities and research opportunities. Moreover, the faculty and residents are amongst the most down to earth, collegial and easy to work with people I have ever met. The residents are truly invested in each other's education and hold each other to very high expectations. It is clear that the faculty are extremely supportive in ensuring that each resident graduates a well-rounded plastic surgeon. 

My favorite thing about Columbus is that it offers all the perks of a large city (restaurants, concerts, opportunities for outdoors activities, etc.) without the traffic."  

- Dr. Juan Rendon
"After interviewing at over 25 academic integrated plastic surgery programs across the country, The Ohio State University was my first choice in the match. This is because the faculty at Ohio State are not only diverse, which lends a well-rounded education, but are also elite within their respective specialties, which allows for an opportunity to train from the best. In addition, the faculty are kind, humble, approachable and committed to resident education and mentorship. The importance of this for a resident-in-training cannot be overstated. The emphasis on technology and innovation, as well as the support for resident research is unparalleled, and this was another major factor that attracted me to OSU. I left the interview season knowing that The Ohio State University's Plastic Surgery Residency was the fastest up-and-coming program, and on a steep trajectory that I wanted to join.

The city of Columbus is a unique combination of young, fun and urban, while also being affordable and comfortable for young families. It’s the right combination of “not too big” but also “not too small.”    

- Dr. Jenny Barker
"The reason I chose OSU Plastic Surgery was the amazing faculty! It's a large faculty, and they are diverse in their personalities and skills, yet they all happen to be very approachable and great teachers. The Ohio State University has somehow managed to attract people that are brilliant and likable.

The best thing about living in Columbus is that you get the perks of living in both a big city and a small town. Columbus has a lot of the draws of a big city, yet it is spread out in suburbs that have their own community and culture. It has all of the attractions to make it interesting for a family, yet safe enough and accessible enough (don't have to worry about commuting)."

- Dr. Michael Larsen
"The reason I chose the Plastic Surgery Residency at The Ohio State University is because of the robust opportunities available in this program. From the beginning of residency, you're heavily integrated in the department with plastics rotations, didactics and research. The relationships the residents had among themselves and the faculty is great. It is also exciting to see the growth the program is experiencing under the leadership of Dr. Miller.

My favorite thing about Columbus is how fitness-oriented it is with plenty of running and bike trails throughout the city's many parks. Also, there are festivals all the time to keep you busy on the weekends."

- Dr. Darrell Freeman
"I chose the Plastic Surgery Residency at The Ohio State University because of the size and excellent reputation of the faculty. While in training, I wanted to have as much exposure as possible to a variety of surgical ideas and techniques. The number of faculty and their dedication to teaching the residents both in the operating room and in the weekly conferences is a wonderful asset to the program. There is also a high level of camaraderie among the residents and I believe this is vital to maintaining a fun and harmonious learning environment.

The best thing about living in Columbus is how easy it is to fill your weekends off with fun activities. Columbus is home to some of the best ice cream I have ever had. A weekly visit to Jeni's Ice Cream is a must."

- Dr. Terri Zomerlei
"My family all live relatively close, so I try to spend a good amount of my free time with them. My friends really enjoy coming to Columbus, so I am often out with them on weekends exploring the city. The city has great restaurants, bars and entertainment, with new places opening up all the time. I enjoy being outside and will be out on the golf course whenever Ohio weather permits."

-Dr. Jason Hehr
Having been a medical student here at The Ohio State University, I had firsthand experience at how incredible this program and its people are. It was an easy choice.

My favorite thing about Columbus is the diversity. There are so many interesting and different restaurants, festivals and places to visit. In my time away from the hospital there is never a problem finding something fun to do.

- Dr. Joseph Meyerson
"I chose The Ohio State University as my top rank because of the unique combination of world class faculty and staff, a busy and diverse operative experience and excellent co-residents. I know that I can achieve any and all of my career goals from this program while still enjoying what I do each and every day. I am extremely happy that I matched at The Ohio State University!"

-Dr. Ryan Jefferson
"I chose The Ohio State University for many reasons. I wanted to train with leaders in the field of plastic surgery. I wanted to be part of a collegial atmosphere that thrives on diversity and encourages camaraderie. Upon completion of my training I wanted to feel prepared to tackle any and all aspects of our art."

-Dr. Shahryar Tork