STAR Support Line

The Stress, Trauma and Resilience (STAR) team is currently available to provide personal, confidential, one-on-one phone support at 614-293-7827 (STAR); a member of the STAR team will respond to all calls within 24 hours. For 24/7 Immediate support, please page 37827 (3-STAR) in WebXchange. 

The STAR phone line supports wellness and staff resilience. This is not considered mental health treatment, it is confidential, and out of respect for everyone’s privacy sessions will never be recorded. However, if you require additional resources and treatment, we have established a track for talk therapy and medication management tailored to our healthcare professionals and our STAR clinicians will work to connect you to the appropriate levels of care.

Daily Boost Group Support

STAR Recharge Virtual Support Group Sessions

During this time of increased stress and anxiety, we are providing our healthcare professionals with virtual support group sessions called STAR Recharge, facilitated by our licensed clinicians from Harding Hospital and the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health.

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STAR Coping Tips

STAR Coping Tips

There are times when your usual coping skills become overwhelmed. Ohio State's Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health’s Stress Trauma And Resilience (STAR) Program has tips to aid in building coping skills and daily distractions (video links) to lighten your mood. Share these with your peers.

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STAR Resilience Webinar Series

STAR Resilience Webinar Series

On a daily basis, healthcare providers may deal with any number of difficult or critical situations. The Stress, Trauma and Resilience (STAR) Program has developed a webinar series that will help healthcare providers explore the impact of stress. Throughout the episodes, our experts provide practical skills you can use to maintain resilience in the face of adverse challenges.

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Shiloh labrador

Buckeye Paws

Working in healthcare, staff anxiety levels can be intense at times. The aim of the Buckeye Paws program is to help bring staff to a more stable state after high-stress situations. Buckeye Paws, is a therapy dog program for the faculty, staff and student, within the medical center’s Stress, Trauma and Resilience (STAR) Program. The dogs of Buckeye Paws are certified through the Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD), and the program follows ATD’s guidelines.

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Mental Health Resources

Mental Health Resources

Healthcare Professionals face unique and daunting challenges in their work every day, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. While rewarding, this work can also exact an emotional toll. Find support and resources for how to cope here.

Mental Health Resources

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