Director, STAR Program
Associate Professor, Clinical 
Director of Quality & Safety, Ohio State Harding Hospital
David E. Schuller MD Professor for Patient Compassion

Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health

Ohio State Harding Hospital
1670 Upham Drive, Suite 140 D
Columbus OH 43210 614-293-9600

Research Interests

  • Psychological trauma
  • Crisis intervention
  • Victim of crime
  • Substance use disorders

Current Research

  • 2018 – pending: Ohio Trauma Recovery Center Grant Application. Ohio Attorney General Crime Victim Services. Submitted June 1, 2017. Requested $1,400,000
  • 2017 – 2018: Ohio Trauma Recovery Center Grant Application. Ohio Attorney General Crime Victim Services. Awarded January 15, 2017. $839,335.00
  • 04/2015 – Co-Investigator: A Policy Relevant U.S. Trauma Care System Collaborator. Pragmatic Trial for PTSD and Comorbidity (Trauma Survivors Outcomes and Support [TSOS-6]). NIH Healthcare Systems. $20,000.00

Research Techniques

  • Qualitative and quantitative 

Active Funding

  • State Attorney General’s Office


Binkley P, Clark RM, Bower J, Yeager KR, Golden-Kreutz D. (In Press) Comparative Burden of Depression in Patients Admitted for Different Cardiovascular Diagnoses: Implications for Screening, Prognosis and Discharge Management. American Heart Journal.

Yeager KR, Roberts AR. [Founding Editor] (2015) Crisis Intervention Handbook:Assessment, treatment and research (4th Edition) Oxford University Press, New York, NY. 

Yeager KR, Cutler D, Svendsen D, Sills GM. (2013) Modern Community Mental Health: An Interdisciplinary Approach. Oxford University Press, New York, NY.   

Yeager KR, Roberts AR, Grainger W. (2013) Crisis Intervention. In Karen M. Sowers and Catherine N. Dulmus, Comprehensive Handbook of Social Work and Social Welfare. (Vol. 4) pp. 179-198. John Wiley & Sons Inc N.J.

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At Ohio State since 1995, Dr. Yeager also serves as a treating clinician for the National Football League Players Association, Program for Substances of Abuse/ERM Associates Inc.


MSW: Social Work, The Ohio State University
PhD: Social Work, The Ohio State University


1/20/17: The multiple days of gloomy weather has more people feeling sad than happy. Dr. Ken Yeager says there’s a clinical reason for that.
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1/30/17: It's been a pretty difficult time since the inauguration. OK, it's been really difficult time. And if you're feeling hopeless right now, it’s understandable. It’s important to try to stay positive and take of yourself. Or at the very least, stay active. Ken Yeager is quoted.
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2/8/17: Sleep is the only time our brains effectively offload some of the unneeded information that can cause stress. Ken Yeager is quoted. 
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WBNS-TV (CBS, Columbus)
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2/12/17: The Stress, Trauma and Resilience program, or STAR, at Ohio State University's Wexner Medical Center, helped Adrienne Crawford learn ways to cope with her anxiety so she could function again. It's on the verge of expanding with an $839,335 grant from the Ohio attorney general's office that will more than quadruple the budget. Ken Yeager is quoted.
Columbus Dispatch
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2/12/17: Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced that he is awarding more than $2.6 million in grants to create five Trauma Recovery Centers in Ohio that will provide crisis intervention to hospitalized traumatic violent crime victims. Dr. Sheldon Retchin and Ken Yeager are quoted.
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2/15/17:  Knowing the signs of chronic anxiety can help you target them and find ways to keep yourself calm and relaxed when things start to heat up. Ken Yeager is quoted.
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3/10/17: A program at Ohio State that specializes in trauma therapy is helping those who didn't think they needed it. The STAR (Stress, Trauma and Resilience) program offers mental and psychological support. Adrienne Crawford credits the trauma therapy she received at Ohio State's Harding Hospital for saving her life and her marriage. Ken Yeager is quoted. 
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4/18/17: Taking advantage of all the features on your Fitbit activity tracker can help you reduce the amount of stress you’re feeling. Dr. Ken Yeager is quoted.
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4/20/17: Despite its reputation, stress can be positive. However, dealing with too much stress for a significant period of time can be draining—and might even lead to issues like obesity. Dr. Ken Yeager is quoted.
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5/10/17: Women experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) at twice the rate of men yet take far longer to receive a correct diagnosis and are misdiagnosed more often than men. Ken Yeager is quoted.
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6/2/17: There's something mind-numbingly relaxing and pleasant about HGTV renovation shows, and I find myself turning to the channel again and again when I'm feeling agitated—and it almost always works. Ken Yeager is quoted.
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6/12/17: The American Institute of Stress breaks down four different kinds: acute stress, which is a fight or flight response; chronic stress, which is caused by compounding stresses in your day-to-day life; eustress, which is stress in daily life that has positive connotations; and distress, which is stress in daily life that has negative connotations (think divorce or injury). Ken Yeager is quoted.
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Honors and Awards

  • The Ohio State University STAR Award (2017)
  • Walter Family Foundation funding, $1,000,000  
  • The Ohio State University College of Social Work Outstanding Community Instructor Award (2010)