Lazarus_Sophie_724x840Sophie A. Lazarus, PhD provides evidence-based interventions for mood, anxiety, and personality disorders. She specializes in mindfulness-based interventions and directs the mindfulness-based cognitive therapy program. She is actively involved in research, education, and administrative efforts. 

General Research

Dr. Lazarus’ research has concentrated on the characterization of interpersonal functioning in individuals with disorders of emotion dysregulation. She has a particular interest in methods that examine social networks characteristics as indices of interpersonal dysfunction. In addition to this, she is currently interested in understanding the effect of mindfulness-based interventions on populations with comorbid mental and physical illnesses and investigating the role of mindfulness on interpersonal processes. 

Current Research Projects

Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for comorbid depression and type 2 diabetes

Education and Training

MA: Psychology, The Ohio State University
PhD: Psychology, The Ohio State University 
Residency: Adult CBT Concentration: Duke University Medical Center
Fellowship: University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, specializing in interpersonal functioning and emotion in borderline personality disorder

Editorial Activities

  • Abstract Reviewer: Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy, mindfulness special interest group, 2018-present
  • Ad hoc Reviewer
    • Emotion 
    • Journal of Personality Disorders 
    • Assessment 
    • Journal of Clinical Psychology 
    • Psychological Medicine 
    • Journal of Affective Disorders 
    • Psychiatry Research 

Professional Memberships

  • Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy
  • American Psychological Association 

Honors and News

  • Board of Educational Affairs Conferences and Workshops Grant: American Psychological Foundation,  2018
  • Contemplative Fellowship for Healthcare Professionals, Hemera Foundation, 2018
  • Graduate Research Excellence Award, The Ohio State University, 2012
  • Alumni Grant for Graduate Research and Scholarship, The Ohio State University, 2012
  • Career Development Award, Council of Graduate Students, The Ohio State University, 2012
  • Meritorious Teaching Award for Introductory Psychology, The Ohio State University, 2012
  • Ray Travel Award for Scholarship and Service, The Ohio State University, 2010-2014

Selected Publications

Zandi, P.Z., Wang, Y, Patel, P. Katzelnik, D., Turvey, C., Wright, J.H., Aijilore, O., Coryell, W., Schneck, C.D., Guille, C., Saunders, E., Lazarus, S.A., Cuellar, V., Selvaraj, S., Rinvelt, P.D., Greden, J., & DePaulo, J.R. (in press). Development of the National Network of Depression Centers Mood Outcomes Program: A Multi-site Platform for Measurement-based Care. Psychiatric Services. 

Lazarus. S.A., Beeney, J.E., Howard, K.P., Strunk, D.R., Pilkonis, P.A., & Cheavens, J.S. (in press). Characterization of relationship instability in women with borderline personality disorder: A social network analysis. Personality Disorders: Theory, Research, and Treatment. 

Lazarus, S.A., Choukas-Bradley, S., Beeney, J.E., Byrd, A.L., Vine, V. & Stepp, S.D. (2019). Too much too soon? Borderline personality disorder symptoms and romantic relationships in adolescent girls. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology. Advance online publication. doi; 10.1007/s10802-019-00570-1. 

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Lazarus, S.A., Cheavens, J.S., Festa, F., & Rosenthal, M.Z. (2014). Interpersonal functioning in borderline personality disorder: A systematic review. Clinical Psychology Review, 35, 193-205. 

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