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Standardized Patient Resources


What is a Standardized Patient?

Standardized Patients (SPs) are persons who participate in mock doctor-patient encounters after being specifically trained to accurately and consistently recreate the history, personality, physical findings, and emotional structure and response pattern of an actual patient at a particular point in time.


Each SP in the program is expected to attend a group orientation session. During orientation, all aspects of participation in the program are covered, from paperwork and payroll, to the calendar and scheduling of exams and training, to the assessment of communication skills, to the physical exam, to the cases themselves.

We are currently recruiting Standardized Patients (SPs), so if you are interested in becoming an SP, please complete a Standardized Patient Application.


New SPs should expect to put in several hours of training and rehearsal prior to working with students. You will be provided with a patient scenario to study that you will work on at home to help perfect the simulation. You will need to think about the scenario and practice the specific verbal and non-verbal behaviors appropriate for the role. Training and rehearsal may also involve the following: reading and studying the case information, viewing video recordings of prior encounters, observation of others performing the role in rehearsal and/or an exam, informal role-playing with members of the Clinical Skills Center team, and formal role-playing with faculty members. The primary goal involves two components: consistent and realistic portrayal of the patient role, and consistent and accurate completion of an assessment checklist.

After learning the roles, SPs may go through "mock encounters" or dress rehearsals with faculty. These physicians also provide feedback on the cases and to the SPs so that the content of the cases and the portrayal of the patient are realistic. In this way, we can present the most realistic, reliable, and accurate cases possible.

Training is scheduled according to SP and CSEAC availability. We strive to train in small groups whenever possible, since this is the best way to "standardize" the performance and the checklists.


SPs are currently paid $17 per hour. These hours are recorded by the staff of the CSEAC and maintained in a database and submitted for processing.

Getting here

Driving and parking directions to the CSEAC, located in the lower level of Prior Hall, can be found here​.