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Graduate Students

The Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program was created to develop a broad understanding of the complex interactions of human biological systems to prepare students for successful careers in biomedical research. The program takes an interdisciplinary, integrated approach that transcends the traditional disciplinary boundaries and divisions characteristic of biomedical science education of the past. Joining more than 140 graduate faculty members from 19 departments, the curriculum is efficient and rigorous, designed specifically for IBGP students, and includes individual instruction that focuses on the student’s choice of an area of research emphasis. Incoming students are supported as Fellows or Graduate Research Associates for the first year of study, with research and/or training grants available in subsequent years.

The OSU and Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) MED into GRAD Scholars Program is designed to prepare predoct​oral students to conduct research at the interface of biomedical science and clinical medicine. Graduates of these programs are expected to expedite the clinical application of discoveries in biomedical science to improve human health and to create future successful research partnerships with physicians. ​​​