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New Life Free Clinic

The New Life Free Clinic is held at the United Methodist Church in the Short North every Sunday morning from 7-9am. Our patient populations are primarily homeless, unemployed, and uninsured. Students can expect to see a large volume of patients (5-10 patients per clinic) and patients tend to visit regularly for follow ups. As a result, students gain a great deal of hands on experience in this faster paced clinical environment and are able to develop longitudinal relationships with our patients. Our physicians are flexible and allow medical students more autonomy with what they are comfortable performing. New first year students can practice history taking, focused physical exams, offer differential diagnosis during presentations, and practice prescription writing. With the large number of homeless patients seen every week, students can expect to gain a unique perspective and a valuable clinical experience.

Medical Student Coordinators

Sydney Fobare

Alison Biltz

Taylor Freeman

Zachary Zins

​updated 11/9/2018