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Women In Medicine

Women in Medicine is dedicated to addressing topics of family, significant others, and work that affect both women and men. Medicine is in a time of flux as the number of female physicians rises in a historically male-dominated profession. This changing climate provides an opportunity to redefine roles and expectations for the best interest of all physicians, whether female or male. By combining the resources of AMA Women in Medicine and AMSA Women in Medicine with our own, we organize a variety of activities. Events include an annual M1/M2 Powderpuff football game, a mentorship program with female undergraduate premedical students, panels and discussions with female physicians, and networking events including a Spring Happy Hour and Fall Brunch. If you are interested in WIM, look for emails about upcoming events.

Instagram account: @osucom_wim 

WIM email: womeninmedicine.osucom@gmail.com



Emily Armstrong


Vice President

Morgan Amigo


Shan Lansing



Admissions Coordinator

Alex Hallagan

Advocacy Coordinator (SARNCO)

Tiffany Loftus


Events Coordinator

Kirsten Boone

Mentorship Coordinator

Amrita Hari-Raj

Fatima Fazal-ur-Rehman

Physician Coordinator

Allison Akers 




 Updated 11/28/2018

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